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Elderly parents asked to relocate PMAs during AMK Hub lunch; Mall cites safety concern in response

During an outing at Ang Mo Kio Point (AMK Hub), a man accompanying his elderly parents faced a security guard’s request to relocate their Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) from level 2 to level 1.

Despite efforts to discuss, a parking advisory caused fear of fines, leading to their departure.

AMK Hub’s representative later clarified that the security’s actions aimed at ensuring visitor safety.



SINGAPORE: During an afternoon outing at Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub, a man dining with his elderly parents faced a disruption when a security guard requested them to park their personal mobility aids (PMAs) on level 1 instead of level 2.

This incident led the son to advocate for increased leniency towards the elderly within shopping malls.

Chen Zhenxing, the son, documented the encounter in a TikTok video where the security guard insisted that the couple move their PMAs from the second to the first level when they were halfway through the meal.

The elderly parents, aged 86 and 75, used the PMAs due to mobility issues, making it challenging for them to traverse between levels.

The footage depicts their departure from the restaurant with assistance from their companions, accompanied by remarks from the person recording that the PMAs did not obstruct the main pathway.


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Despite Chen’s efforts to reason with the security guard, a parking advisory was issued, causing the elderly couple to worry about potential fines.

Consequently, they felt compelled to pack up their lunch and leave the mall.

Speaking to Chinese media outlet 8world News, Chen mentioned that this incident wasn’t the family’s first time bringing Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) into a shopping mall, and previous visits hadn’t encountered such issues.

He expressed an understanding of the security guard’s duty but highlighted the increasingly ageing population facing mobility challenges.

“We understand that security guards are only doing their jobs,” Chen stated.

“However, the local population is ageing, and most of the elderly have mobility issues.”

Chen urged shopping malls to adopt a more considerate approach towards the elderly, emphasizing the need to understand the unique needs of older patrons.

Moreover, in a separate TikTok video, Chen clarified that his parents’ PMAs are authorized and endorsed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), responding to concerns that the PMAs might be prone to catching fire.

He emphasized the Singapore government’s approval, stating that safety wouldn’t be compromised.

Chen also urged against assuming older individuals are healthy solely based on outward appearances, noting that certain health conditions aren’t visible to the naked eye.

AMK Hub clarifies security measures

However, when addressing inquiries from the media, a representative from AMK Hub explained that the security team’s action was taken in order to ensure the safety of all other visitors within the premises.

The spokesperson specified that the security staff had been alerted to the presence of two electric mobility scooters parked near the glass panels adjacent to the customer service counter on the second floor.

“With the safety of all visitors in mind, our security personnel approached the owners of the electric mobility scooters and kindly requested them to relocate the scooters,” stated the spokesperson.

Netizens urge mall flexibility for elderly PMA users

While examining Chen’s TikTok comments, certain comments advocated for the mall’s management to display more flexibility and empathy towards elderly users of Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs).

One user remarked, “Seriously, my heart sank! Where is our compassion! Poor thing, uncle and auntie cannot eat in peace.”

However, a different response suggested, “The daughter could easily bring the PMA down to level 1, and once they finish, she can bring it back up to level 2.”

In the meantime, a different user believed that the mall should provide a designated area for parking PMAs, making it “convenient” for elderly individuals, they commented.

A few also suggested that the family opt for a wheelchair instead, as wheelchairs can be brought inside restaurants for a dine-in experience.

Another user also argued that allowing one PMA scooter to park along the path could lead to an escalation of the situation, as many people might follow suit, eventually causing a definite obstruction of the path.

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Such mobililty hampered MGs and PGs should just stay inside their HDB pigoen hole to die and please do so quickly.
Do not need such problems from such kinds of folks, who cannot afford SWISS STANDARD OF LIVING!😆😆😆😆😆

Many establishment authorities, pte and public, both offer services to people, are somewhat blind, stupid and bossy with no deeper thoughtfulness of assistance to others to have better and happy experiences.

THEIR ONLY, and OFTEN DEFAULT explanation, inconvenience to public, safety risks – BUT ENTIRELY lacking sorely in specifics, PAP-esque PLAYBOOK.

And as usual, their CAVEAT, we do consider case by case basis.

During covid, almost all public benches disappeared. AFTER COVID no one think about the public need benches to rest and relax.

F U all idiots.

I would just comment that in an ageing Singapore one can hardly see benches and chairs for the old to rest at our malls.