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Addressing the escalation in Gaza: Urgent need for a two-state solution

Letter: A two-state solution, as suggested by many countries and the United Nations, is vital for ensuring permanent peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine.



by Teo Kueh Liang

I refer to the Straits Times’ editorial, ‘Gaza Protests Risk Getting Radicalised‘ (9 Nov).

Since 7 October, Israel has waged a bombing campaign to destroy the enclave’s Hamas rulers. This Israel-Hamas war has lasted for about five weeks, and the following situations are indeed exacerbating and worrisome:

The Israeli army has intensified its retaliatory bombardments of the Gaza Strip, targeting schools (for example, the al-Fakhoora school run by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in the Jabalia refugee camp, and the Osama bin Zaid school), mosques, and 18 out of a total of 35 hospitals (e.g., Al-Shifa, al-Nasser Children’s Hospital, Rumah Sakit Indonesia, al-Wafa Hospital).

These tragic military actions have killed at least 11,000 Palestinian civilians, including 4,500 innocent children, over two thousand women, and more than fifty UN medical staff. The number of deaths and casualties among Palestinian civilians will likely rapidly increase in subsequent Israeli military operations.

Israeli airstrikes have severely damaged the health system in the Gaza Strip and destroyed the hope of survival for all Palestinian casualties.

Israeli authorities have repeatedly obstructed UN humanitarian relief efforts. These include delaying the opening of more humanitarian corridors and allowing more assistance to enter the Gaza Strip (such as water, food, medical care facilities/equipment, medicines, and power supply).

In the latest news, Israel has formalized daily humanitarian pauses in Gaza, the first since the war’s outbreak. However, a permanent ceasefire, repeatedly urged by the UN and the international community, is still not in sight.

Around 250 hostages abducted by Hamas militants since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war remain a key concern for the families of these hostages.

Hamas is a Palestinian militant group that has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007. What disturbs and annoys Israel is that Hamas is sworn to Israel’s destruction and aims to replace it with an Islamic state.

Even if Hamas is ‘totally eradicated’ by Israeli forces within a foreseeable timeframe, it will still be viewed as an ideological organization. Another group similar to Hamas could likely be ‘replicated and revived or resurrected’ in the future, possibly because many Palestinians have been displaced and brutally treated by Israel’s deadly attacks.

When this occurs, it will create nightmares for Israel and the international community as a whole.

The only way to ensure permanent peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine is to follow the suggestions of countries such as China and the consensus of the United Nations to promote talks and cooperation and realize the goal of the two-state solution at an early date.

In conclusion, for the long-term prospects of peace and the benefit of the people of Israel, Palestine, and the Middle Eastern countries, the authority of Israel needs to consider and work towards this two-state solution seriously.

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are you terror lovers in taiwan ever gonna post the REAL israel map from1940s till now?
comment image

TLDR. Palestine was never an indie state,it was at best a colony of UK, and before that a colony of Turkey. that’s it. be honest now.

Surprised, this time nobody shows concern about rescuing the hostages.

My opinion. Palestine has been ruled by PLO for many years. PLO was a terrorist organization. Most of the Palestinians are radicalized. Sad truths. You are free to choose to reject my opinions.

Funny, why nobody ask Hostages?!?! They have no rights to decide ?!? Only the Overlords have rights… Funny?!?!

Even the child in Divorce, get to decide.
And when the child do not want to follow Both. A separate fund is create. No?!?

The map used in the article is FAKE! To the writer, checkout the history and how both sides are fighting before writing such article, you are a bad person. Populist

Many ask Israel ceasefire to stop civilians dead. Israel said Hamas must release hostages first then talk ceasefire.

Why nobody ask Hamas release all hostages? Free hostages no bombs. Then talk ceasefire.

As Yamamoto said after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Imperial Japan has woken a sleeping giant. So it is with Hamas this time. And just as the US subsequent fire-bombed Japanese cities, horribly killing 100,000s of civilians and the 2 atomic bombings, don’t KPKB and expect the enemy to do things in half-measures.

The basic fundamental of war is: If you start one, make sure you can win it; otherwise the other side will finish it for you.

Israel has already opened a corridor for the Palestinians civilians to evacuate.

Let’s not over worry too much

Wait for Hamas to surrender all the hostages.

Nothing compared to 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.

Who said Hezbollahs and Hamas have stopped firing missiles?

Let Israel finished their job, if not 3rd time Hamas will come back again.

Let Hamas surrender and free the hostages. Its still too early.

Since Babylonia times till now, they have been captives of others. How can anyone live peacefully after causing theft? Some have already left because of the stress. Thailand has some Jew families living peacefully. They don’t want to return to Israel.

Why is Israel so insecure then? It has a NAME Israel? It is recognized by those around him? No? It has military and weapons to shoot others. So why they cannot capture Hamas commiting the atrocities instead of bombing civilians?!?

The main culprits preventing the 2-state solution are those which continue to REFUSE to recognize the existence of Israel, and those even calling for its destruction. Israel thus can only arm itself continuously, even commit atrocities for self-preservation, do anything to exist, win at all costs. In terms of use of armed conflict, the Arabs already lost the opportunity after 1973 – for 50 years of hard-headedness and proxy playing, the enmity can only grow till boiling point. The losers will inevitably be the ones with the smaller guns.

Why Terry dare not approval what I say on the Lee?!?

Greenery becomes Desert

And we have this

OMG, are you expecting the public to understand this?!?
Your father highest paid Civil Servants and Your Mother Highest paid Corporate Entity and you are crowd funding from the PUBLIC?!?

Have you ask your Father or Mother?! I am sure they can support you on your Entrepreneur Adventure! No?!?

Or you are trying to show your independent streak for SHOW and Ripped the other sides again. OMG!!!!

Dun need to keep harping on a TWO STATE Solution when ppl can see that it has Failed! Just for Empires to expand further since they got so much money to buy armies. Whether you say it or not. They continue to expand to the 3456789 Empires grouping. Greed and Kaisuism at play!