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Singaporean human rights lawyer M Ravi receives 21 days imprisonment amidst recognition for advocacy

M. Ravi, renowned Singaporean human rights lawyer, is sentenced to three weeks’ jail for contempt, following his recent international human rights advocacy recognition.



In a striking blend of events, distinguished human rights lawyer M. Ravi has been sentenced to three weeks’ imprisonment by the Singaporean courts on Wednesday (8 Nov).

This development follows closely on the heels of his accolade for legal advocacy, representing a significant moment in his 20-year career.

Ravi contended with two charges of contempt of court, where the presiding judge, Justice Hoo Sheau Peng affirmed that the custodial threshold was surpassed.

The ruling also mandates Ravi to pay the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) S$10,000 for legal expenses. AGC had sought S$12,000 in legal costs, excluding disbursements of over S$6,000.

His charges are rooted in his behaviour during two distinct court cases in November 2021. He first represented Chua Qwong Meng, a former bus driver suing SBS Transit for purportedly unfair work practices. The second case involved Magendran Muniandy, a 33-year-old Malaysian, charged with the forgery of various documents.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers charged Ravi with several offences, including baseless accusations of bias against judges, persistent disruptions during court sessions, and misrepresentation of his availability for proceedings, culminating in Justice Hoo’s ruling of contempt in March.

Ravi, poised to begin his sentence, expressed on Facebook, “The High Court has just sentenced me to 21 days in prison with effect from today for contempt of court. I find the sentence harsh compared to previous cases I have cited. Additionally, I am to pay the AGC costs of $10,000, which I must later raise.”

He continued, “Opting not to appeal due to the required $20,000 security of costs to the AGC, I will immediately serve my sentence, confident that history will vindicate me.”

In spite of these legal challenges, Ravi’s contributions to human rights have not been overlooked. Earlier this month, he was lauded with the 2023 IBA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Human Rights by the International Bar Association.

This prestigious recognition celebrates his advocacy for the underprivileged, with emphasis on representing death row inmates and advancing LGBTQI rights.

Melinda Taylor, co-chair of the IBA Human Rights Committee, underscored Ravi’s impactful work, particularly in contesting anti-same-sex legislation and advocating for LGBTQI equality in the workplace. His efforts have not only made waves nationally but also internationally, earning him the title of a pioneer in ’cause’ lawyering.

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This is the outcome when you speak up against this parasitic communist G. This is what our dear fellow in the US meant by ‘Pliant’.


Is the Judiciary of SG ‘partners in crime’ with the PAP Administration in disburse of prosecutions against civil liberties, to secure, to protect, to perpetuate PAP hegemony over SG, towards another 50 years ??

can’t imagine a Ravi is feared by someone …
who controls the parLEEmen, controls the judiciarly body,
controls the police force, controls the military force,
controls the re$$ource$$, etc, etc …

is he really soooo mighty? or this ‘someone’ so timid?

Last edited 6 months ago by wee

How about the judge who MADE A DECISION concerning CRIMES COMMITTED by PAP Politicians when they violated election rules and this judge DECIDED within is NOT INSIDE, and, rather was said to be GUILTY but AG decided NO PRESSING of charges – which is which, LAWS on this island OBFUSED AND CONFUSED, OR EVEN OBLITERATE certain ‘crimes’?

Same-same for the Oxley house saga. Cannot measure up to KY’s achievements, so must challenge KY’s will under guise of “national interest”.

How can a mediocre swordsman attain the title to be the Top Swordsman? By murdering the reigning top swordsman while he was sleeping, then announced to the world that he “defeated” the Top Swordsman. Kelong style, hor.

I wonder who is jealous of who … And whole day accuse others of being jealous about their Beautiful Gals … And Hamsam Guys …

Mr. Ravi, sorry about the imprisonment but you still win if you use the seclusion to meditate and clean out your chakras. It then becomes a medidation centre for you to energize yourself.

Just put him in IMH per-manently lah!
But..hey…if that was so….who is going to foot the IMH bill?
You loh…the taxpayers…so bo pian, got to let the siao lang roam free…until the next time!😆😆😆😆

So clear anyone who make them lose face will be severely dealt with. The white monkeys are so insecure.

a true hero!
they cowardly persecuted you because they fear you.

comment image

Last edited 6 months ago by wee

It is expected,the so called human rights lawyer M Ravi is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Singapore PAP government Ministers most hatred,that is why they send forth Singapore police force to arrest him and put M Ravi to prison and torture him day and night by Singapore police so that the human rights lawyer M Ravi submissive to Singapore PAP government dictatorship rule

Demonstrate clearly what kind of standards pervades local justice. With heavy political hand undoubtedly. The farcical arbitration centre infamy Sillipore strives to achieve can trash away.

This is South East Asia

Not South Korea or Japan