M Ravi appeals to Singaporeans for support in settling S$10,000 AGC cost order by 6 Dec

Singaporean human rights lawyer Mr M Ravi, who recently completed a 21-day imprisonment, is now facing a S$10,000 cost order for court contempt. In response, he has reached out to the Singapore community for support, making an appeal on Facebook for assistance to fulfill the Attorney General’s demand to pay in full by 6 December.

UIA-IROL stresses Singapore Law Society’s duty to support legal professionals in M Ravi Case

International lawyers group UIA-IROL voiced grave concerns over Mr Ravi’s “disproportionate and unfair” 21-day imprisonment in a letter to LawSoc on Monday.

UIA-IROL urged LawSoc to ensure Mr Ravi’s access to chosen legal representation and advocated for mental health support due to his acknowledged illness.

Mr Ravi was recently released from imprisonment on Wednesday (22 Nov).

M Ravi files for Tharman’s disqualification in upcoming PE 2023

M Ravi lodged an application urging Presidential candiate, Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s disqualification from the election due to past convictions.

He cited constitutional breaches and past fines for disclosing state secrets, questioning eligibility. Ravi’s live Facebook stream detailed the filing and donations supporting his stance.