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Indonesian Man defies ban, swims illegally into Singapore using trash bag, evades detection for 10 months

An Indonesian man, previously deported for immigration offenses, defied the ban on Singapore reentry. He swam from Malaysia with a makeshift trash bag as a flotation device. After reaching Pulau Ubin, he rested briefly before continuing to Changi Beach.

He went undetected from January until his arrest on October 23 by ICA officers at Woodlands Road, unable to prove legal residence.



SINGAPORE: An Indonesian man, previously deported and banned from entering Singapore for immigration offences, illegally reentered the country by swimming from Malaysia with a makeshift trash bag as a flotation device.

Notably, He remained undetected in Singapore from January until his arrest on October 23 at Woodlands Road by ICA officers, as he couldn’t provide evidence of legal stay.

According to CNA, the 34-year-old, Muhammad Izal, had been charged in Singapore for immigration offences four times before.

In August 2021, he was charged for entering Singapore without a valid pass and re-entering illegally after deportation, leading to a September 2021 conviction, sentencing him to a year in jail and six strokes of the cane.

Upon release in April 2022, he was referred to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for repatriation.

Before his deportation, Izal received a notice explicitly barring him from re-entering Singapore without prior permission from the Controller of Immigration, with the potential for prosecution and imprisonment if violated.

The notice emphasized the necessity of obtaining written permission from the Controller of Immigration to enter or reside in Singapore in the future, warning that failure to do so would lead to prosecution and a jail term of one to three years upon conviction.

Izal acknowledged the notice by imprinting his thumb on it and was subsequently deported back to Indonesia on May 28, 2022.

Following a brief seven-month stay in his home country, Izal made the decision to illegally return to Singapore in search of illicit employment.

He took a ferry from Batam, Indonesia, to Stulang Laut in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, spending two nights there before swimming towards Singapore’s Pulau Ubin island.

Using a black trash bag as an inflatable floating device, as revealed in court documents, Izal swam to Pulau Ubin, where he rested for half an hour before continuing his journey towards Changi Beach.

Remaining undetected, Izal illegally resided in Singapore for approximately 10 months until October 23 of the current year when he was apprehended by ICA officers on Woodlands Road due to his failure to provide evidence of legal residence in Singapore.

He was then referred to ICA’s investigation branch, where his fingerprints were linked to a person with an “adverse record” under the name of Muhammad Izal.

In his defence, he expressed remorse, highlighting his familial responsibilities towards his children and sick parents.

During the court proceedings, he pleaded guilty to one count each of entering Singapore without a valid pass and entering Singapore without permission subsequent to his deportation from Singapore in May 2022.

On Thursday (2nd November), the Singapore court sentenced Izal to 15 months’ imprisonment and seven strokes of the cane.

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Wah, they should import for our swimming team leh. Damn tokong swim over plus dodging authorities. This is elite swimmer man.

Imagine all aliens swim to Singapore , later found no jobs here will they be a burden to Singapore society? We already have more than 1 million foreigners working here? If these foreigners lost their jobs I hope they don’t burden us tax payers. period.

This guy keeps repeating his mistakes. cane and jail also not scared.

Put him in a forest and handcuffed his legs to a tree. Let him starve to death. Don’t waste tax payers money.LOL

His resilience should be appreciated. His sentencing is too heavy especially the canning. Law must be applied with compassion. 3 months jail term and depot him would be sufficient as he did not commit robbery or crime in Singapore. Judge has no heart.

This is INDEED Talent – unlike the 1000s of autumn leaves one find in SG streets.

What a feat, accomplished with determination, endurance, and perseverance.

Deserved a residency here if PAP people and PAP Managed Govt service can think out of the box. Bcz this man is a real rarity – gem and uncut diamond, he has proven.

We should give him a chance to represent Singapore in the Olympic? LOL

Must have been trained by Mas Salleh Mat or the Singapore Coast Guard are just wayang and sleeping on duty?
Any heads roll over this incident?
Don’t think so!😆😆😆😆😆

He should be accepted for his persistent. After all he was punished for his previous overstaying. If he is punished again and sent back, he may lost his life in his next attempts. Must got mercy on him, it really a rare case.

Crazy fella. People here trying to get out he’s trying to get in.

Such a strong swimmer. Our coastguards must be sleeping.