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Concerns rise over Chinese food safety after disturbing video of Tsingtao worker urinating into container went viral

A viral video depicting a Tsingtao factory worker urinating in a raw ingredient tank has raised concerns among South Korean consumers about Chinese food product safety and hygiene standards.



CHINA: In a recent viral video, an employee at a Tsingtao factory is seen climbing into a high-walled container—believed to be holding raw ingredients—and urinating inside it.

This incident has raised concerns among consumers in South Korea regarding Chinese-made food products.

The video, initially shared on Weibo, quickly gained global attention with tens of millions of views on various social media platforms following its upload on 19 October.

According to a statement by Tsingtao, one of China’s leading beer producers and exporters, the incident is believed to have occurred at Tsingtao Brewery No. 3.

The company stated that it had contacted the police to investigate the matter.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea, along with the local importer of Tsingtao, has emphasized that the products they bring into the country are entirely unrelated to the factory depicted in the video.

They have clarified that this specific factory exclusively manufactures beer for the domestic Chinese market.

Nevertheless, this clarification has not managed to pacify South Korean consumers who continue to express concerns regarding the company’s quality control processes and hygiene standards.

Based on a report by The Korea Times, an office worker in Seoul expressed that the issue goes beyond whether the products were intended for the domestic market or export.

The incident has already eroded public trust in the company, leaving consumers uncertain about the practices at other Tsingtao factories.

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