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Malaysian man fined RM4,500 for assaulting two younger individuals, victims express dissatisfaction and seek legal help

Two youths were assaulted over a car headlight dispute, receiving six slaps and suffering damage to their phones. They were awarded a compensation of RM4,500 (around US$990), which they find unsatisfactory and are now pursuing legal assistance.



MALAYSIA: On 14 October, a distressing incident unfolded in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur as two young individuals were physically assaulted by a man who claimed that their car’s headlights had caused discomfort to his eyes.

Fast forward to 18 November, the girlfriend of one of the victims, who had been present during the altercation, took to her Facebook account to recount the horrifying encounter.

Her boyfriend and another friend had been subjected to a total of six slaps across their faces during the incident.

Besides the physical harm, their mobile phones were also damaged in the altercation.

Adding to the distress, the assailant went a step further by issuing menacing threats, vowing to strike the victims should they ever cross paths again.

In response to this traumatic incident, the victims promptly reported the matter to the police.

According to reports from Sin Chew Daily, the assailant faced legal consequences for his actions.

He was fined a total of RM4,500 (approximately US$990) with charges filed against him under the Penal Code Sections 323 (pertaining to intentional harm) and 427 (relating to deliberate destruction) due to the damage inflicted on the victims’ phones.

During the court proceedings, the man’s lawyer pleaded for leniency, citing that he was the primary provider for his family, was responsible for a child, and was dealing with health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, which required regular medication.

Despite the legal action, the victim’s girlfriend expressed her dissatisfaction with the fine imposed on the assailant, taking to social media once more.

She sought assistance from those willing to offer legal aid, emphasizing that they were not only unhappy about the relatively small fine but were also disappointed by the absence of compensation.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, she questioned why the assailant hadn’t been charged with intimidation, given his explicit threats towards them.

She explained that they were all university students and couldn’t afford the legal fees required to secure legal representation.

She hoped for a benevolent legal team willing to support their cause.

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