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Malaysian youths assaulted by man over car lights dispute

In a recent Facebook post, a Malaysian netizen recounted a shocking ordeal in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, where her boyfriend and a friend were assaulted for having their car lights on. Despite explaining that their lights were standard, the aggressor resorted to violence. The victims filed a police report after enduring six slaps and injuries. The incident highlights the need to stand up against such aggression.



MALAYSIA: A Malaysian netizen recently took to her Facebook account to recount a harrowing encounter that unfolded as she and her friends were preparing to enjoy a meal in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

On 14 October, the young lady detailed an unfortunate incident in which her boyfriend and another friend found themselves confronted and physically assaulted by a man, all because they had their car lights on while parking.

According to her account, her boyfriend and friend were subjected to multiple slaps by this irate individual, as documented in the videos shared on Facebook.

The lady explained that they had set out from Petaling Jaya amid heavy rainfall, and, in response to the adverse weather conditions, her boyfriend had sensibly turned on his car’s low-beam headlights.

However, upon arriving at their parking spot, they encountered a man who persistently flashed his lights and honked at them in an aggressive manner.

One of her friends decided to approach the situation in a polite and friendly manner, asking the man what the issue was.

Unfortunately, he was met with immediate verbal abuse as he exited the car.

The man accused them of intentionally using high beams to harm his vision and asserted that their lights were illegally modified.

The young lady clarified that her boyfriend’s car lights were completely standard and shone the usual shade of yellow.

Despite their attempts to explain that they were not using high beams and invited the man to verify it for himself, he approached her boyfriend and slapped him across the face, calling him arrogant and reiterating his belief that their lights were altered.

When they said they were not driving with high beams on and told him that he could come to take a look for himself, the man just came over and slapped the lady’s boyfriend across the face and said that he was being arrogant, and kept repeating that their lights were modified.

In response, the lady’s boyfriend warned that he would contact the police, but the man delivered another slap.

He then threatened to keep slapping him each time they crossed paths.

Subsequently, the aggressor shifted his focus and struck their other friend while damaging two mobile phones in the process.

As the victims began to resist the abuse, the man noticed their growing defiance and claimed he would return with backup, ultimately departing the scene in his white Proton Wira.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the victims promptly filed a police report, especially due to the physical injuries they had sustained from the man’s assault.

Facebook/Yik Cheng


The woman reported that the man had subjected both victims to a total of six slaps.

Additionally, her friend suffered the loss of two pieces of flesh from the inside of his mouth, and his face had become swollen.

She concluded her account by encouraging others to stand up for themselves should they encounter a similar ordeal involving the same individual.

You can watch the video here:

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