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DBS PayLah! faces Friday morning disruption, less than a week after DBS banking services outage

DBS Bank, after a 12-hour outage last Saturday, experienced another disruption today morning.

Around 10 am, they acknowledged intermittent access to PayLah! and advised customers to use DBS digibank Scan and Pay or DBS/POSB debit/credit cards for transactions.



SINGAPORE: Following a more than 12-hour outage last Saturday (14th Oct), DBS Bank, one of Singapore’s leading financial institutions, reportedly faced another disruption this morning (20th Oct).

A netizen took to the Facebook group “Complaints Singapore” to express frustration about DBS Paylah being down again.

Expressing similar inconvenience, other group members also shared screenshots indicating their inability to access the Paylah service.

Checking Downdetector, a platform that tracks service disruptions, it was found that DBS has experienced a surge in outage complaints since around 7:45 am this morning.

As of 8:45 am, approximately 416 reports were filed by DBS customers on the website.

Around 12:30 pm, some users reported that the app was working again.

DBS says access is ‘intermittent’

At approximately 10 am, DBS made a Facebook post stating that access to PayLah! was “intermittent”.

The bank recommended its customers to utilize DBS digibank Scan and Pay or DBS/POSB debit or credit cards for their transactions.

DBS assured that eligible users who were able to access PayLah! would receive their rebates for the DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals cashback by Friday.

This cashback initiative by DBS, introduced in February to support hawkers, provides a S$3 discount on hawker meals every Friday for the first 100,000 users across the island.

“We are resolving the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your understanding,” DBS said.

In an update at 11:46 am, DBS requested patience from users while assuring that efforts were ongoing to restore full access to PayLah! services. In the meantime, customers were advised to use DBS digibank Scan & Pay or DBS/POSB debit or credit cards for their payments.

The bank confirmed that all 100,000 cashback rewards for the DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals program on Friday had been claimed.

Previously, the bank faced a significant 6½-hour service interruption on 5 May due to human error, and a prolonged 12-hour disruption in March attributed to software bugs.

Singapore’s President, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in his former capacity as the Chairman of MAS, had addressed similar system resilience concerns in April and July this year over the past two disruptions experienced by DBS.

He emphasized that DBS had embarked on strategic enhancements to its digital banking system, underscoring the importance of robust access control, system redundancy, comprehensive monitoring, and efficient restoration processes.

However, despite these assurances, the recent incident underscores persistent gaps in the banks’ digital resilience strategies, raising questions about the efficacy of redundancy systems and preventative measures.

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They can cite whatever reasons they want and blaming this and that. But we all know the real reason. The rubbish CECA claiming to be our IT gurus that are not qualified enough to upkeep the system. I mean why the hell in the first place you’d hire village gundus to come and operate things beyond their knowledge? Yes they claim to know or claim to be qualified with all their roti prata cert.

Actually there are hundreds of failures happening in Singapore IT every year, caused by CECA Trash from India, but they are not reported. I have witnessed them many times. Because all the managers are CECA Trash from India, everything is buried and forgotten.

What Indian “TANTRIC danceof WORDs” is the CEO & his “topcrass” IT experts going come up with,have they come to the “end of the rope”& next is self flagellation & the hanging????!!!!!!

Bugs, teething problems, system migration, new software, technicalities, vendor problems, et al EXCEPT HUMAN INTERACTION faults.

Another “cooling” problem at the data center? Or is it a heating problem this time? 🙂

So long as their digital systems are managed and oversee by a bunch of spinless village headmen from la la land ,many more similar disruptions would become normal.Need to bring in the genuine professionals to fix this problem.So sad to witness such bad things are happening in our once sunny Singapore 🇸🇬

Now the Empires organizing the payment mode as a form of the groups they wanna hold on to beside the 3 groups of ppl type they created. Tell me Cash Upon Delivery is the widely acceptable and Mutual Trusted way of Payment YET frowned up and wanna push ppl to their Only form of acceptable payment.

Singapore tops the world in online scams. Is the govt. going to continue to support the scams or give citizens the choice of payments. As I have written numerous times, the digital banking should only be one mode of accepted payments. Cash and cheque payments should remain. Govt. as regulator should work to protect citizens not enforce a faulty system onto citizens for additional fees that will be attached on a daily basis by banks.

Which is why cash is king. None of these outages has ever affected me.

Now what has the MAS to say of another screw up by DBS.