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Feeling “trapped being a Singaporean”, TikToker express her frustrations about the challenges of living in Singapore

Recently, a Singaporean voiced her frustrations about the city’s intense competitiveness and stress.

Others joined, emphasizing the rising living costs, housing insecurities, and the dual responsibilities of tending to elderly parents and children.



A Singaporean took to social media to express her frustrations about the challenges of living in Singapore, describing the city-state as “highly competitive” and stressful.

She expressed uncertainty about how to navigate the overwhelming situation.

Jeannie Tan, a Singaporean active on TikTok, posted a video on 14 August, expressing feeling “trapped being a Singaporean”.

“I don’t know if any Singaporeans feel this way, but I feel like here it’s very competitive, It’s very stressful.”

“I just don’t know what to do. Do any Singaporeans feel this way as well? Because God help me, I don’t even know how I’m gonna survive in this country honestly”

“This is so overwhelming, ” she concluded.


My thought as a singaporean. Struggle is real and there are some benefits but im starting to wonder. #singapore #struggle

♬ original sound – Jeannie Tan – Jeannie Tan

Shared concerns: Rising costs, housing insecurity, and family responsibilities

The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 180k views and drawing over 1,600 comments from fellow TikTokers.

Many echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the mounting living costs, concerns about securing housing, and the responsibility of caring for both ageing parents and children.

Agreeing with Jeannie, a TikToker emphasized that Singapore is an exceptionally costly place to live.

He pointed out that a significant portion of fellow citizens struggle to make ends meet and expressed solidarity with Jeannie’s frustrations.

However, a different comment contested this, suggesting that the financial struggles could be a result of inadequate financial planning, stating, “If you don’t know how to budget no amount is enough wherever you go.”

The TikToker then challenged the comment, asking whether it implied that everyone is born to be budget-savvy, and drew a comparison between the substantial salaries of ministers and the typical earnings of ordinary Singaporeans.

Fierce competition and decreased earnings for workers

According to a TikToker’s pointed perspective, the absence of effective regulation in Singapore has led to imbalanced conditions. Numerous industries are grappling with intense competition, resulting in diminished profits for individuals.

“I’m serious there’s no one governing many things. And parallel imports are easily allowed. Making people who paid for being a distributor suffer.”

He pointed out that the ongoing price war among delivery services such as Grab, Gojek, Tada, Ryde, and others has taken a toll on their workforce.

‘Leap of faith’ to relocate elsewhere

In contrast, a comment revealed that he had renounced his Singapore citizenship, withdrawn his CPF, and sold his HDB, choosing to reside in another location.

The netizen elaborated that relinquishing his citizenship was a challenging decision. However, he was convinced that taking this leap of faith was necessary to ensure a comfortable life for the remainder of his days.

A TikToker, who identified himself as having departed Singapore in the early 90s, expressed the view that during a recent visit to the country, he found it to be excessively stressful, with people becoming agitated over minor matters.

A netizen pointed out that the struggle begins from the time children start school and continues into adulthood, and even in old age, the battle persists. It is undeniably a highly stressful situation.

Endorsing the netizen’s sentiment, Jeannie emphasized that locals have to endure the challenges while foreigners can simply leave.

Certain comments lecture the content creator to “embrace competitiveness”

However, some comments suggested that the content creator should “embrace competitiveness” or modify her lifestyle to reduce dependency on material possessions, thereby making the cost of living more manageable.

A netizen, suggesting that Jeannie might be living beyond her means, advised her to practice contentment and carefreeness.

In response, Jeannie expressed her discontent with the netizen’s judgment.

A TikToker delivered a lecture to Jeannie, emphasizing that nothing and nowhere is perfect and that “overcoming challenges” is crucial.

However, another user raised a question, asking, “Do you foresee your next generation happy here?”

Additionally, a different comment pointed out that the cost of living in Singapore is exceedingly high, posing a challenge even for the current generation, especially when it comes to acquiring property with full payment.

Jeannie compares pros and cons of being a Singaporean

In a couple of additional videos, Jeannie outlined the advantages and disadvantages of being a Singaporean.

She highlighted several positives about Singapore, commending the efficiency of the nation in implementing policies, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing a comparison to her experience in South Korea, she noted the stark contrast in the effectiveness of the COVID-19 measures.

Furthermore, she pointed out the diverse and abundant selection of fruits and vegetables available in Singapore, attributing it to the country’s proximity to Southeast Asia.

She also praised Singapore for its cleanliness, greenery, and overall safety, expressing her genuine fondness for her home country.


Advantages of singapore in 60 seconds. #singapore #pros #donthatejustlove

♬ original sound – Jeannie Tan – Jeannie Tan

Housing Costs in Singapore

Enumerating the downsides, Jeannie emphasized that housing is exceptionally costly in Singapore.

“You can compare to Hong Kong, but currently we’re in Singapore, and comparing around the world, we have one of the highest standards of living, houses are just really expensive.”

She noted that while the cost of living has increased, wages have remained stagnant even after adjusting for inflation. Negotiating for higher salaries is challenging, especially with the ongoing layoffs in various sectors.

She also touched upon the prevalent stigma among Singaporeans regarding their resistance to change. Jeannie attributed this attitude to the education system’s focus on efficiency, making it difficult for the society to adapt to changes.


♬ original sound – Jeannie Tan – Jeannie Tan

Voted for Tharman in PE2023

Interestingly, In a separate video, Jeannie disclosed that she had cast her vote for Tharman Shanmugaratnam in the 2023 Presidential Election, which concluded on 1st September this year.

Mr Tharman secured a decisive victory in the election, becoming Singapore’s ninth president. He garnered an impressive 70.41% of the total vote.

After his decisive victory, Mr Tharman was inaugurated as Singapore’s President at the Istana on September 14th. Before running in the PE 2023, he had served as a senior minister of the People’s Action Party (PAP) for two decades.

Jeannie expressed her enthusiasm, hoping that the newly elected President would instigate significant developments for the future of Singapore.

“I’m so excited let’s just hope that Singapore’s president really actually makes some movements going forward.”


Who do you guys vote for hehe? #tharman #singapore #election2023 #johor #voting

♬ original sound – Jeannie Tan – Jeannie Tan


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I believe we already established long ago that foreigners taking jobs from locals contributed to the decrease in salaries across the board? If you need adequate financial planning to deal with financial struggles then you are not making enough money.

And with all these concerns Jennie raise, why would she vote for Thaman? Thinking that he can help get citizens out of the situation..

there are many tall buildings in singapore.

Meanwhile CECA Trash like Gupta are getting paid millions of dollars every year!!!

Expecting things to change, but voting for a PAP basturd!
When will Singaporeans learn??

Last edited 4 months ago by SAFSAF SAFSAF

Is she still here? There are multiple exits out of here and she also holds one of the most powerful passports ranked globally. What’s stopping her?

Stop complaining.

$1000 salary can afford hdb homes. Who make the right choice by voting pappies? lol

Who did she voted? Pineapple King of Taman Jurong? tsk tsk tsk

She thinks Singapore handled the COVID well, it already shows she is doing PAP propaganda.

What did he promise?

This strawberry got so many complains living in Sinkland, may I kindly recommend her to stay in….GAZA…now…heard they have fanastic BOOM ,a real happening city!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jeju island (South Korea) is 2.58 times AS BIG AS sg

Why not you compare Jeju Island .

Not fair comparing Korea .

70% live for today, the present.
Not bothered about the future, 30 years down the road.

Take on loans
Buy cars
Spend on holidays ( because SGD strong.. but they dont understand how it is strong when trade numbers are down )
Spend on GRAB car rides

All this stress is self created
And can be removed by self.

The amount of “cope” in the replies is incredible. That, my friends, is the 70%. Indoctrinated through and through.


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