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Banking services at DBS and Citibank resume following Saturday outage in Singapore

DBS Bank and Citibank, after encountering substantial service disruptions linked to an Equinix data center glitch on Saturday, announced a return to normalcy in operations on Sunday.

Investigations into the technical issues that paralyzed various banking services are underway as the banks navigate customer concerns and transactional delays.



SINGAPORE: Customers of DBS Bank and Citibank heaved a sigh of relief as both banking giants announced the normalization of services on Sunday after a crippling outage on Saturday afternoon.

DBS has advised customers encountering difficulties with the mobile app to attempt logging in via digibank online, using an SMS OTP. It remarked, “We will be processing the PayNow/FAST transactions that were interrupted during the disruption with utmost priority,” and assured to update customers about transaction statuses.

In parallel, Citibank, responding to the situation, communicated that all its banking services, which were halted due to issues affecting ATMs, Citi Credit Cards, PayNow, and digital platforms, have been restored and apologized for the inconveniences faced by its clientele during the outage.

The root of the issue was traced to a data centre managed by Equinix, which experienced a technical problem, causing an elevation in temperatures and consequently impacting customer operations of various organisations, including the two banks.

On Saturday evening, US data centre operator Equinix informed the media that they were cognizant of the technical issue at one of its centres which was affecting operations for some customers, including DBS.

A spokesperson for Equinix conveyed, “We are conducting a thorough investigation into this event to identify ways we can better meet our customers’ needs.” They committed to maintaining open lines of communication with customers as more details from the investigation become available.

Sunday morning brought a further update from Equinix, revealing the technical issue had resulted in a temperature spike within the data centre, corroborating its impact on customer operations.

Waves of customer complaints flowed in Saturday afternoon, revealing an inability to access online and mobile banking services.

Furthermore, DBS ATMs displayed messages indicating, “This terminal is temporarily offline,” corroborating the technical issues at hand.

Downdetector displayed a notable spike in service disruption reports for DBS and Citibank from around 3 pm on Saturday.

DBS, in a bid to manage the debacle, utilized Facebook to release an apology, announcing the reopening of all branches – with the exception of those in Tampines Central, Tampines One, and White Sands – while efforts were underway to address the predicament.

As of now, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has not issued a statement regarding the recent disruption.

Earlier disruptions have beleaguered DBS, with two significant incidents occurring within a span of two months earlier this year. Following which, in May, MAS imposed an additional capital requirement on DBS.

CEO Piyush Gupta tendered an apology and assured that a special board committee review was being expedited with utmost priority. MAS has underscored the indispensability of the reliability of banks’ crucial IT systems, having previously instructed DBS to execute a detailed investigation following its 10-hour-long outage in March.

The memories of a substantial digital disruption in November 2021 still linger, as MAS regulations stipulate that financial institutions must ensure that the maximum unscheduled downtime for each critical system does not exceed four hours within any 12-month period.

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It would get no better if their digital systems continue to be managed by the same group of half past six IT imports from la la land.So sad to see such bad things are happening in our once efficient and spotless Singapore 🇸🇬

DBS = Don’t Bull Shit

Don’t BS gaslight us ok? Temperature and Equinox and blah blah. It’s because you have too many bad and fake CECA engineers so called in your banks. They’re all BS artist so now when a problem happens, you gaslight temperatures and all this. You have too much unqualified people in there!

What do you expect? Banks like DBS, UBS, UOB, StanChart, Bank of America Merril Lynch, CitiBank, Visa etc. staff and places like Changi Business Park and MBFC are all 90% CECA trash from India!!! They are all incompetent with fake or rubbish third world qualifications. Crazy and evil LHL and PAP basturds let it happen!!! LHL has been screwing and backstabbing Singaporeans for the last 15 years!!! We have to kick out PAP basturds and CECA trash from India to get our jobs back. PAP basturds are enjoying life with their million dollar salaries, and we Singaporeans are suffering because… Read more »

I T is a slave to humans,and to serve mankind and assist in productivity to enhance living standards, aside from not imposing exorbitant pressure on people’s lives.

But it seems in Sheegapore not quite the way from what has been happening – people’s lives are messed up, slipped up, disrupted. U mentioned the pport subject – only recent weeks ICA bungled up in and out at our checkpoints. What’s the message taken in, and lessons learnt. No. We are smart, it’s ok, cz SG is NOT REELING, right.

A Smart Nation.
The world knows who is really really smart when NOT LOUDLY SELF PROCLAIMED to fleece.

Has DBS been at hardworking mode to resolve the previous 2 problems. Yes they has had. Worked hard. Yes, that’s what they proclaimed publicly.

But Smart? Absolutely NOT. Effective? Again, nah.

How about MAS push to DBS – any better. Guess your answer.

four letters…HACK.
the system looks like it was hacked !!!
down more than 12 hours ? hacked !!!

There is a reason for pretending to be WEAK or doing Half Hearted Work. Cos their Blanket fold Left System from Democrats the WEAK can steal cheat and Lie. No?!?

So vulnerable.

One data centre providing services to multiple customers… and within the same industry?
Where is the risk management?
The cloak of invincibility is shattered.

What happened to having an alternate data centre ( earthquake proofed) that will kick in when
the 1st data centre screws up..?

No?.. no such contingency?
No?.. no such services available..?
Too expensive..?
Too complicated to build a system?

Cheaper to negotiate in numbers?

As expected, … another special board committee assigned, to conduct another review, … to provide yet another set of recommendations !!!

Until the next “incident” !!!

Just another day in glorious, progressive, IT focused, cashless and tech~friendly SillyPore !!!