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9-year-old M’sian girl pens heartfelt letter to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim about her school toilets

Nine-year-old Malaysian Maryam’s poignant letter to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim stirred online acclaim as she highlighted the deficient restroom facilities at her school.

In a gracious reply, the Prime Minister assured action, earning praise for his responsiveness and attention to the young girl’s concerns.



MALAYSIA: In a heart-warming gesture, a 9-year-old Malaysian girl named Maryam has captured the netizens’ attention by sending a letter to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

However, this wasn’t your typical political letter.

Maryam, with her cute handwriting, wrote a candid message to “Uncle Anwar” about the sorry state of her school’s restroom facilities.

She expressed her discontent, pointing out that her school’s washrooms are consistently dirty.

Maryam further highlighted a fact: only two of the toilets in her school have proper toilet bowls, while the rest are squat toilets.

She even described one particular restroom with a spooky hole that appeared as though spiders might emerge from it.

With a mix of hope and a touch of sass, she added, “I’ve seen other schools with fancy toilets. Why isn’t mine like that?”

Maryam didn’t stop at complaints, she also offered a solution to the problem, suggesting, “Uncle Anwar, can we get more toilet bowls, please?”

In her parting words, she also didn’t forget to mention their toilet’s two missing ceiling tiles, showing a keen eye for detail.

The letter concluded with Maryam thanking “Uncle Anwar” for his attention to this matter.

PM Anwar’s response

In a graceful response to the little girl’s letter, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim took to Facebook on Sunday (15 Oct) to express his gratitude and promise to look into the issue.

“Thank you, Maryam. I will work more diligently and expedite the resolution of this issue for the well-being of the children in the school,” he said in the post.

The Facebook post quickly captured the interest of internet users, receiving approximately 13,000 likes and 626 shares.

People were charmed by the young girl’s concerns about the school toilets and her endearing request for a better solution from the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Maryam’s simple yet impactful gesture has shed light on an issue that deserves attention and improvement in Malaysian schools.

Online praise pours in for young Maryam’s boldness

The majority of online commentators have lauded Maryam for her courage in expressing her concerns and opinions to the Prime Minister.

They have extended their congratulations to her for eliciting a response from the Prime Minister and expressed gratitude for his responsiveness.

“Thank you, Maryam, and thank you, Prime Minister, for responding. That’s a sign of a great and responsible leader,” one user said.

Another user exclaimed, “Wow, Maryam, congratulations. The Prime Minister acted promptly.”

Additionally, another user seized the moment to prompt other figures in authority to inspect their respective domains of influence and fulfill their responsibilities for the improvement of society.

“…It is hoped that all Members of Parliament, State Assembly members, community leaders, and others will come down and assess their respective areas for what needs assistance.

“Prepare reports, take pictures, and send them through the proper channels. Don’t be shy or hesitant for the progress of the people and the nation of Malaysia. Let’s work together for the country,” he said.

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