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29-year-old Chinese national woman apologizes in court for alleged verbal abuse and refusal to cooperate with investigation

A 29-year-old Chinese national woman confronted six charges on Friday (13th Oct) for allegedly verbally abusing a public servant and recording a tense altercation with police officers in viral videos.

During her video-linked court appearance, she promptly expressed her intent to plead guilty, saying to the judge, “I plead guilty, I apologize.”



SINGAPORE: A 29-year-old Chinese national woman faced six charges on the morning of Friday (13 Oct), following allegations of using abusive language toward a public servant and recording a heated argument with police officers in two viral videos.

Appearing in court via a video link, she promptly expressed her intent to plead guilty, saying to the judge, “I plead guilty, I apologize.”

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 10th, the defendant, Han Feizi (29 years old), claimed she sustained a foot injury in a car accident.

She engaged in a confrontation with a nurse at Singapore General Hospital, reportedly using abusive language and refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

The woman in question uploaded videos of her interactions with the investigating officers on the widely used short video platform TikTok, sparking widespread discussions and reactions.

The charges brought against the woman include:

  • One count of being a public nuisance, which carries a fine of up to S$2,000.
  • Two counts of using abusive language against a public service worker or public servant, punishable with a jail term of up to 12 months or a fine of up to S$5,000, or both.
  • Two counts of assaulting or using criminal force on a security officer, with a potential jail term of up to two years or a fine of up to S$7,500, or both.
  • Intentionally causing harassment, which can result in a jail term of up to 12 months or a fine of up to S$5,000, or both.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the prosecution indicated that if the defendant intended to plead guilty, they would proceed with the trial for four of the charges, with the remaining two to be considered by the judge during sentencing.

In response, the defendant directly stated, “I plead guilty, I apologize.”

When the judge asked if she planned to hire a lawyer, she raised the question of whether an early admission of guilt without legal representation could lead to a more lenient sentence.

The judge clarified that an early admission of guilt could mitigate the severity of the offence.

The defendant expressed her understanding, and the judge adjourned the case until October 25th, granting her bail of S$15,000 for release.

Viral video shows altercation between the Chinese woman and police officer over hospital incident

In the video recordings, the woman claimed that she had been waiting for three hours at the hospital due to her involvement in a car accident. She further alleged that a nurse informed her she couldn’t receive medical treatment at the hospital because she wasn’t a Singaporean citizen.

When the police officers sought to record her statement regarding the use of inappropriate language towards one of the hospital’s nurses, the woman refused to provide a clear response.

Instead, she insisted that the police officer should question the nurse and persisted in her request to be taken to the police station while demanding that the female Investigation Officer (IO) reveal her identity.

At one juncture, she even attempted to seize the officer’s identification card while continuing to document the incident, which led to a stern warning from the officer.

In a follow-up post on Tuesday evening, the woman disclosed that she is a long-term pass holder, and mentioned that she had undergone an X-ray examination and was provided with some medication.

The woman claimed that the driver who hit me fled the scene, unwilling to face the issue or take responsibility.

She emphasized her insistence on having the officers identify themselves because she wanted to prevent the driver from providing “unfavourable evidence” that might diminish the impact of the car accident on the driver.

Authorities intervened in early morning disturbance at SGH involving the woman

On Thursday night (12 Oct), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) responded to media inquiries by issuing a statement.

The statement outlined that they had received a report at approximately 2:35 am on Tuesday, involving a 29-year-old Chinese national woman seeking medical attention for an injured foot.

It was reported that she was causing a disturbance and inconvenience to the public due to its loud nature. Additionally, she was accused of verbally abusing a nurse before the arrival of the police.

Around 3:15 a.m., two investigating officers (IO) arrived at the scene and initiated a conversation with the woman.

The police stated that the two IO identified themselves as hailing from the Central Police Division and were accompanied by uniformed police officers.

During the course of their conversation, the woman declined to provide a statement, and at one point, she used strong language in Mandarin directed at one of the IO.

“While recording, she attempted to take one of the investigation officers’ security pass. The investigation officer firmly told her not to touch her pass,” the statement added.

Given that the woman was awaiting medical treatment, the officers decided to allow her to complete her treatment first, with plans to follow up later.

Possible Work Permit violation

The police noted that this wasn’t the first time they had dealt with a case involving the woman.

Earlier on Oct 3, they received a call for help from the security team of a condominium located along Marina Boulevard.

“The woman was allegedly intoxicated, and the security team assisted in escorting her up to her unit. ”

“The woman then allegedly pushed one of the security officers on his shoulder and pulled his tie. She also purportedly used insulting and abusive words towards the security officer,” the police said.

Despite her compliance upon the police’s arrival, they initiated an investigation into the alleged offenses committed against the security officer.

During the investigation, the police found reason to suspect that the woman may have violated the conditions of her work permit, and they plan to refer this matter to the Ministry of Manpower.

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This is what Sg under PAP has become.


There are oso alot of recalcitrant pimp and arseholes predators so why aren’t they highlighted. So many infact from Celebrities big stars, pawn stars to no stars … Why aren’t they harrassed and stalk???

Bloody hell.
One call to China Wang Yi, this prc woman kuai kuai apologised and waiting to serve short-term jail term here…

Looks like the China lady is a recalcitrant having being involved in another incident in a condo while in a drunken state.

Perhaps she thinks this is China and her behaviour is how she is like back in China?

Cancel her permit and deport the scum, wait wait…maybe our G afraid of CCP so a slap on the wrist should suffice and maybe our favourite ‘Stern Warning’ would send shivers down her spine.

Btw your thumb up and down rating … Not working properly …

Video oso show SG Police being aggressive too. They can’t show ID. Afraid of being on Camera YET they put CCTV everywhere to capture others. Can’t even handle a frustrated patient without using Fine. Very Exemplary Hor!

Why charge her? An apology should be sufficient. 2hours wait at an ER? Some people cannot endure the pain and suffering. Tempers will be high. This is due to infrastructure failure planning by the PAP govt. The police officer should have identified herself. The person who should face the court is OYK for failing to convince his boss to stop the over flow of foreigners. Hope the judge sees the bigger picture and let’s her off with Community Service.

Video shows the totally Entitled mentality of the imported foreigners. Well done, Pappies-licking-foreigner-shoes-policy. Really pity the woman IO who had to deal with such nonsense.