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San Francisco police shoot and kill man after car rams into Chinese consulate

In San Francisco, a driver crashed into the Chinese consulate, prompting a police shooting. The consulate condemned the act, urging a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action.



SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES — San Francisco police fatally shot an unidentified man after he drove a vehicle into the Chinese consulate on Monday, creating a scene of chaos that was captured in unverified footage on social media. The footage depicted officers aiming their weapons at the driver’s door of a car inside the building while individuals evacuated down stairs.

According to Sergeant Kathryn Winters of the San Francisco Police Department, officers were summoned to the scene following reports of a car crashing into the consulate’s visa office. “Officers entered, made contact with the suspect, and an officer-involved shooting ensued,” Winters informed the press.

The suspect was later pronounced dead at the hospital despite concerted life-saving efforts by officers, paramedics, and medical staff. The local ABC7 News channel reported seeing an individual covered in blood and seemingly unresponsive being transported away from the scene.

The consulate’s spokesman vehemently condemned the incident, stating that the driver had driven “violently into our consulate’s administration hall.” This act endangered the lives of staff and others present, causing substantial damage to the premises.

The spokesman further added that the consulate “strongly condemns this violent attack and reserves the right to pursue accountability for the incident.” Urgent representations have been made to the US officials, with the consulate demanding a swift and thorough investigation followed by appropriate legal action.

Sgt. Winters revealed that the incident is currently under active investigation, with the San Francisco Police Department collaborating with the US State Department’s investigators.
Television footage showcased a Honda sedan crashed within the consulate’s visa office, with access to the building cordoned off.

While the motive behind the crash remains unknown, Sgt. Winters confirmed there were no reports of additional injuries. Addressing the press, she expressed, “I wish I could give you more, but this is a very complex investigation.”

The Chinese consulate has issued a statement denouncing the violent act. “Our embassy severely condemns this violent attack,” the statement read, emphasizing the grave threat the act posed to the consulate staff and visitors.

The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China is strategically located on a primary street opposite the city’s Japantown neighborhood.

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