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Wushu Athlete Kimberly Ong secures Singapore’s 1st victory at 2023 Asian Games

Wushu athlete Kimberly Ong secures Team Singapore’s inaugural 2023 Asian Games medal with a remarkable performance at Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan Guali Sports Centre.

Her bronze in the women’s changquan final, scoring 9.756, marks a thrilling moment of skill and determination.



SINGAPORE: In a thrilling display of skill and determination, wushu athlete Kimberly Ong has triumphantly clinched Team Singapore’s first medal at the 2023 Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China.

Ong’s spectacular performance at the Xiaoshan Guali Sports Centre saw her securing the bronze medal, while her teammate Zoe Tan also put up an impressive showing, finishing fourth in the competition.

On Monday (25 Sep), the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) proudly announced Ong’s historic achievement via a Facebook post.

Competing in the women’s changquan (长拳) final, Ong impressed the judges with a remarkable score of 9.756, securing her a well-deserved spot on the podium.

Her remarkable accomplishment not only adds a new chapter to Singapore’s sporting history but also marks the nation’s seventh wushu medal at the Asian Games.

The gold medal in this fiercely contested event was claimed by Macau’s Li Yi, while Hong Kong’s Liu Xuxu earned the silver, making for an exhilarating showdown on the wushu stage.

Zoe Tan, Ong’s fellow competitor in the same final, also showcased exceptional skills, finishing in fourth place with a score of 9.753.

This dynamic duo from Team Singapore displayed unwavering dedication and commitment throughout the competition, further solidifying the nation’s presence in the wushu arena.

Following her outstanding performance, Ong addressed the media during a press conference, expressing her delight at achieving her goals and competing alongside more experienced athletes.

“I have done what I have trained for… to compete with some of the seniors here who are a lot more experienced than me,” she said.

“I’m very happy and very honoured to compete with them and also stand on the same podium as them.”

At just 21 years old, Kimberly Ong has already established herself as a rising star in wushu.

She boasts two Southeast Asian Games gold medals in the women’s daoshu (刀术,Broadsword) and gunshu (棍术,staff) combined event.

Ms Ong’s achievement not only signifies personal success but also contributes to Singapore’s growing legacy in wushu on the Asian Games stage.

This achievement harks back to Singapore’s last wushu medal at the Asian Games, which occurred in 2014 when Tan Yan Ni similarly clinched bronze in the women’s changquan final.

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