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Singapore’s women’s relay team faces disqualification at Asian Games, Ting Wen apologizes for costly error, finds encouragement from netizens

At the Asian Games on 29 September, Singapore’s women’s 4x100m medley relay squad, securing third place, faced disqualification. This affected sets of sisters Levenia and Letitia Sim, and Quah Jing Wen and Ting Wen, costing them the anticipated bronze medal.

Quah Ting Wen expressed her heartfelt regret in an Instagram post, acknowledging her costly mistake and its impact on her teammates.



SINGAPORE: After securing third place, the Singaporean women’s 4x100m medley relay squad faced disqualification at the Asian Games on 29 September.

This unfortunate turn of events impacted two sets of sisters, Levenia and Letitia Sim, along with Quah Jing Wen and Ting Wen, causing them to lose their anticipated bronze medal at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre.

Singapore’s Relay team misses second medal at Asian Games due to disqualification

Following the race, Singapore had initially come in after Japan, the winners, and South Korea, the runners-up.

However, their last swimmer, Ting Wen, incurred a 0.1-second early jump during the handover from Jing Wen.

Ting Wen took on the anchor role for the final freestyle leg.

Her finishing time was 4 minutes and 00.87 seconds, which placed them behind Japan with a time of 3 minutes and 57.67 seconds and South Korea at 4 minutes and 00.13 seconds.

The race was expected to be Singapore’s second swimming medal of the Asian Games.

In the end, Hong Kong gained an advantage from the disqualification, advancing from fourth place to third with a time of 4 minutes and 01.72 seconds.

Women’s 4 × 100m medley relay’s final result. (Photo: CNA/ YouTube)

Quah Ting Wen’s heartfelt apology and reflection on costly mistake at Asian Games

Ting Wen expressed her profound regret for the mistake in a heartfelt Instagram post on Sep. 30, where she apologized to her teammates and supporters.

She shared the emotional turmoil of watching her team’s elation turn into disappointment as she recognized her error.

In her post, Ting Wen explained, “I look up at my sister, she’s grabbing my shoulder, elated, telling me we’ve done it, we’ve really done it this time.

“I hear the Sim sisters yelling in excitement, they are so happy.

“In my heart, I have a sinking feeling. I’ve done enough relays to know that I did something very wrong.”

She acknowledged that the last time she made such a mistake was when she was just seven years old.

This costly error occurred at one of the most significant competitions despite having swum numerous relays with her sister.

The swimmer’s apology was accompanied by a photo she took when she arrived at the Asian Games in China, highlighting the emotional weight of the competition.

As this Asian Games marked Ting Wen’s fifth and final appearance, she expressed her profound disappointment, feeling that she had let both herself and her team down.

Netizens extend support and encouragement to Ting Wen amid setback

Despite the circumstances, online commenters offered encouragement for her to persevere, believing that she would recover and move past this incident, as many athletes do in the world of sports.

They recognized that this was the nature of sports and unanimously agreed that she had tried her best.

They commend her for her character and bravery in acknowledging her own error, expressing their enduring pride in her accomplishments for Singapore.

A user provided words of encouragement, expressing that individuals are not judged solely by a single action but by the consistency they demonstrate throughout their journey.

They noted that Ting Wen has consistently displayed strength and determination over the years.

“so proud to have you representing (Singapore) at the Games!” they said.

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There is no need for apology. We all understand. Part and parcel of sports competition. Thank you for your extreme hard work.

Also we know we can import talents from China like table tennis players? tsk tsk tsk What doo you think?

If SRY will to participate, I am sure we can get another Gold medal. sad isn’t it? Sorry you are not in my good books. What do you think?