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Ginger cat seeks treatment at a Malaysian hospital, netizens laud staff for assistance

An ginger cat, with an injured paw, caught TikTok users’ attention as it headed to a Selangor public hospital’s emergency department, seeking treatment.

A compassionate nurse promptly aided the cat, dressing its paw in a treatment room.



MALAYSIA: An orange cat called ‘Oyen’ who suffered an injury to its paw, captured the attention of netizens on TikTok as it made its way to the emergency department of Selayang Hospital at Batu Caves, Selangor, seemingly in search of treatment.

A video of the cat limping into the hospital was shared on the TikTok account @enoasan2.

The video received 59.8K likes and thousands of comments expressing both sadness and amusement, while also praising the hospital staff’s actions.


kisah seekor kucing bernama oyen pergi hospital selayang nak wat rawatan tangan nye cedera x tau sebab ape, terbaik nurse2 kat sini amat sporting sekali, dengan haiwan pun diaorg bantu juga memberikan rawatan terbaik.. #oyen #kucing #hospitalselayang #oyensakit

♬ Sad background music of piano and strings – Rinotzr

Not to be confused with famous orange cat named ‘Oyen’ at the National Zoo of Malaysia, ‘Oyen’ is essentially used in Malaysian slang to refer to any orange cat.

The cat had reportedly arrived at the hospital seeking treatment for its injured paw and was subsequently aided by the hospital staff.

“The story of a cat named ‘Oyen’ going to Selayang Hospital to receive treatment for its injured paw, for reasons unknown.

“The nurses here are amazing, even with animals, they provide the best care,” the caption read.

In the 47-second video, the cat can be heard meowing, and the caption within the video implies that it appeared to be expressing distress regarding its injured paw and the necessity for medical attention.

It is reported that a nurse quickly attended to the cat before taking it to a treatment room, and subsequently, the cat’s paw was neatly bandaged.

“Oyen, after leaving the treatment room with the wound dressed, bid farewell.

“Thank you to the nurses at Selayang Hospital,” the caption continued.

Netizens applaud hospital staff for caring for injured ‘Oyen’

The majority of users expressed satisfaction that the cat was not neglected and, instead, received attention and care from the hospital’s staff.

“Oyen is a smart cat, get well soon,” one user commented, while also praising the nurse for assisting.

Another user remarked, “(I) don’t know whether to laugh or be sad…but this cat is smart for knowing where to go when injured.

“Get well soon, meow-meow,” they said.

However, even though they are relieved that Oyen received treatment for its injury, some users in the comment section also express concerns about how the bandages will be removed from the cat in the future.

One user expressed concern, asking, “When the wound heals, who will take off the bandage for the poor cat?”

Additionally, someone else pointed out that there was already someone kind enough to adopt the cat but they didn’t have the opportunity to photograph the woman and her family.

“(Let us) pray for the family to be blessed ya,” the user said.

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