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Malaysia’s National Zoo Oyen has a new feline competition coming for his spotlight

The famed Oyen of Malaysia’s National Zoo once again captures social media’s attention, this time sharing the limelight with a serene female calico cat named ‘Ompok.’

As Oyen gazes curiously, Ompok remains unperturbed, hinting at a captivating new chapter in their enclosure saga.



MALAYSIA: The famous Oyen from the National Zoo of Malaysia once again goes viral on local’s social media but this time around the spotlight seems to be shared with another feline.

A visitor uploaded a video on TikTok of her visit to the zoo a few days ago, which featured Oyen, and a female calico cat called ‘Ompok’.

Oyen is known for hanging out with the Capybaras in its enclosure and even has his own signage at the zoo, making him the official member there.

The unexpected “guest” in the enclosure may steal Oyen’s spotlight soon, especially with its calm behavior which appears unbothered by Oyen’s existence.

In the video, Oyen can be seen judging and staring at Ompok but she remains unfazed, eyes closed and head down.

It was uploaded 4 days ago by a TikTok user ‘mamacat’, and has garnered 119.3k views and 10.7k likes as of today.


Siap interview abg yang bawa tram, bang oyen ni memamg makan minum semua sini je ke.. Dia ckp, tak la, kadang berjalan juga tempat lain, tapi paling dia suka lepak2 kat sini la.. 😂 #oyenzoonegara #fypcat #fypシ #cat #fyp #foryourpage #zoonegaramalaysia #zoonegaramalaysia2023

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Netizens believe that Ompok is trying to take over Oyen’s place at the zoo.

“Is this her attempt to take over Oyen’s territory?”

Netizens also took the video to another turn, questioning maybe Ompok is Oyen’s girlfriend.

A comment said, “Maybe it is Oyen’s soulmate…” and another one commented, “Oyen brought his girlfriend to meet his parents. He is asking for their blessing.”

There were some who wondered if the Capybara enclosure had transformed into a feline enclosure.

“Capybara be like: is this my enclosure, or a cat’s enclosure? Why are there more cats coming these days?”

To which the creator replied, “Everyone who comes would call out Oyen’s name. The capybaras are neglected.”

Another commented, “I think the Capybaras should move instead. Oyen and his species will live there”

Oyen cohabitating with the capybaras for approximately two years

As per the video caption, Oyen frequently explores various zones of the zoo, yet it is the Capybara’s enclosure that truly captivates him.

According to zoo officials who spoke to Malaysian state media Bernama, Oyen has been cohabitating with the capybaras for approximately two years.

Astro Awani reported that although the precise moment of Oyen’s entry into the capybara enclosure remained uncertain, it is believed that the cat adopted it as a haven during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Oyen is surely an Internet star, visitors would often take photos and videos of him to post online, such as a video uploaded by TikTok user ‘nabilnash_‘, Oyen can be seen napping while hiding under the shelter with the capybaras.


Mana2 ada si oyen ni 😂 #yzxbca #trending #zoonegara #oyen #capybara #fypシ #takkroni

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The zoo personnel is also whipped for his cuteness and uploaded a TikTok video of him rubbing his head on a capybara on its official account.


Oyen + Capybara = Capyboyen 🤔 Apa yang sesuai? #oyen #cat #capybara #tikus #baby #zoonegara #fyp #zoonegaramalaysia

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