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Outpouring of support from netizens for ginger cat rescued and under care after Malaysia’s Elmina Plane Crash

Ginger cat ‘Oyen,’ found injured at a plane crash near Shah Alam, Selangor, was swiftly rescued by Health Ministry’s ambulance team, receiving care at Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic.

Online support and updates from Dr Zul indicate Oyen’s stable condition and dedicated recovery efforts.



MALAYSIA: A ginger cat, affectionately named ‘Oyen’ by online users, was promptly taken to the veterinary clinic after being discovered injured at the site of a nearby plane crash close to the City of Elmina township in Shah Alam, Selangor.

A recent Instagram post from the Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic unveiled that ‘Oyen,’ the cat, was swiftly transported to the veterinary facility for medical care by the Health Ministry’s (KKM) ambulance team.

“Oyen was there during the plane crash at Elmina. Thank you KKM’s ambulance team for rescuing Oyen too,” the caption on the post read, showing videos and images of Oyen under the care of Zul Erwan veterinary clinic.

The video and images showed Oyen to have sustained an injury on its left side believed to have resulted from either wreckage from the accident or as the cat attempted to flee.

The Star reported that the male cat experienced a skin tear of approximately 15cm from the upper part of its ribs.

Upon learning the news, numerous people online filled the comments, sending prayers for the cat’s health and speedy recovery.

“Get well soon Oyen…Oyen must be traumatized with the loud noise,” said one user, expressing concern about the cat’s distress during the incident.

“Hopefully Oyen will make a full recovery. (I) love Oyen.”

“Allahu, thank you KKM for looking after Oyen too, get well soon Oyen!”

‘Oyen’ in stable condition 

D Zul provided an update on Oyen’s status in the comments, mentioning that the cat is in stable condition and continues to receive care at the clinic.

“Thank you everyone (on the well-wishes) for Oyen. Alhamdulilah, Oyen is in stable condition and today he ate non-stop. (He is) still receiving care for his injury,” Dr Zul stated, assuring that the cat is under a good care.

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