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Singaporean police officer assists otters in safe Orchard Road crossing

Amidst the vibrant city life of Singapore, a band of adventurous otters embarked on a daring journey to cross Orchard Road. A TikTok video captured their playful escapade, showcasing a heroic police officer’s role in ensuring their safe passage.




SINGAPORE: The coexistence of wildlife in the heart of Singapore’s bustling cityscape is anything but ordinary.

In a place where monkeys once scaled HDB buildings and Malayan tapirs sauntered through Punggol Park, the spotlight now belongs to a new set of charismatic creatures: otters.

Remarkably, the presence of these delightful otters on Singapore’s streets has become a common occurrence, hardly raising an eyebrow among the locals.

This time, a gathering of no fewer than ten otters seized the spotlight as they attempted to cross Orchard Road, just outside Plaza Singapore, near the Istana.

A TikTok video shared by the account “novelty2021” on Sunday (17 Sep), captured this charming escapade.


Singapore police assisting otters 🦦 in crossing the road orderly 🦦🐾👏👏👏👍#ottersoftiktok #sgtiktok #sgnews #sglifestyle #discipline #singaporeanimal

♬ original sound – Eason Biological Technology – Diggers

A family of otters takes on Orchard Road

The TikTok footage showcases the otters’ playful struggle as they negotiated the busy road, leaving behind glistening paw prints on the adjacent pedestrian walkway.

Amidst the traffic’s unyielding pace, the otters huddled at the road’s edge.

It wasn’t long before a valiant police officer stepped in to save the day.

Approaching the timid otters, the officer clapped his hands gently, encouraging the endearing mammals to continue their journey.

He then took his position behind a barricade, skillfully employing hand signals to halt oncoming traffic.

One motorist followed the officer’s directives, bringing the traffic to a halt, and granting the otters a safe passage to the other side.

Online users were enchanted by the delightful sight of the family

The video, which has garnered over 417 thousand views since its upload, has captured the hearts of netizens.

Some amused commenters humorously suggested the installation of otter crossing road signs.

comment otters comment otters

In a whimsical twist, some pondered whether the otters were en route to catch the Singapore Grand Prix.

comment comment

A multitude of comments celebrated the police officer’s gallant act in aiding these endearing otters on their urban adventure.

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