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Unconventional playground: monkeys show off climbing skills on Jalan Besar HDB Block

Singaporeans were treated to astonishing TikTok videos of monkeys gracefully descending a Jalan Besar HDB block, their gravity-defying antics captivating viewers. The playful footage highlights these agile creatures adapting to their urban habitat with astonishing flair.




SINGAPORE: On 19 August, an unexpected spectacle unfolded on the digital screens of Singaporeans as videos showcasing monkeys playfully descending a Jalan Besar HDB block flooded their TikTok feeds.

The captivating footage, originally shared by TikTok user “ladyv_victoria”, depicted a group of monkeys embarking on an adventurous ascent of a residential building.

The incident transpired at a housing development board block located in Jalan Besar, leaving viewers both surprised and amused.


He shoots, She shoots, I also shoot la! 美猴王们大闹 Jalan Besar 😂 . . #monkeyinaction #monkeys #monkeytiktok #monkey @Stomp Singapore @Mothership @The Straits Times

♬ original sound – Victoria Loh – Victoria Loh

In the shared videos, the monkeys exhibited a meticulous one-by-one descent along the vertical façade of the HDB block, initiating their daring journey from several stories above the ground.

Upon reaching the second story of the building, the agile primates nimbly leapt onto a nearby shelter, completing their astonishing descent with finesse.

The captivating footage garnered an impressive 2.3 million views and sparked a flurry of commentary among netizens.

Playful suggestions surfaced, with some humorously recommending a change in the background music to the “Mission Impossible” theme, attributing a cinematic flair to the monkeys’ gravity-defying act.


Netizens comment on TikTok.

Others playfully joked that the uploader found their lost family members as if the monkeys are like their lost brother or sister.


Netizens comment on TikTok.

A more practical sentiment echoed among some viewers, attributing the monkeys’ performance to the scarcity of suitable trees for their stunts, prompting them to improvise on the HDB block.


Netizens comment on TikTok.

Monkey Mischief in Singapore: A Familiar Tale

This incident adds to a growing list of captivating monkey encounters that have amused Singaporeans over time.

It seems that these primates possess more than just fur; they are brimming with creativity in their antics.

A separate video shared on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group portrayed a monkey relishing the bounty of a resident’s potted plant while perched on a parapet.


monkey eating fruits from resident’s potted plant. (Photo: Facebook/Sha Fogo)

Speculations arose that the previous video of their aerial descent could have been a part of their leisurely lunch break, resuming their signature monkey business afterward.

Netizens were quick to observe that the monkeys’ behavior is a response to human encroachment on their natural habitat.

The sprawling HDB complexes, while concrete jungles, inadvertently provide an environment reminiscent of towering trees laden with easily accessible food sources.

For residents sharing their living spaces with these agile creatures, the National Parks Board recommends proactive measures.

Regular fruit plant harvesting and installing mesh or grilles on doors and windows can help ensure safety and discourage unintended monkey invasions.

As these encounters become increasingly commonplace, it appears that the lively presence of these primate neighbors will remain a fixture of Singaporean urban life.

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First they find them cute. Next they will be calling for them to be culled. And NParks will be only too happy to “humanely” do it.

Keep clearing the forests to build Public Housing for foreigners, it is not only monkeys but snakes and other animals that are going to be knocking on our doors and windows for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Outcome of population increase policy of the PAP.

So Cute

Jln Besar becomes 花果山

有個 猴精