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Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry slams George Yeo “Chinese Commonwealth” proposal

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned former Singaporean Minister of Foreign Affairs George Yeo for “promoting Beijing’s agenda”, sparking controversy with his “Chinese Commonwealth” path proposal.

Mr Yeo expressed his ‘surprise’ at the ministry’s reaction on Facebook.



TAIWAN: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), strongly criticized former Singaporean Minister of Foreign Affairs George Yeo (楊榮文) for his recent actions, which they perceive as acting as a “mouthpiece” for China and propagating Beijing’s agenda.

Yeo’s recent recommendations for Taiwan to consider joining a “commonwealth” with China and pursuing a “One China” path have drawn significant condemnation from Taiwan.

on Wednesday (13 Sep), George Yeo, Singapore’s former foreign minister, proposed the concept of a “Chinese Commonwealth” as a potential framework for future political integration between Taiwan and China.

Mr Yeo made this proposal during his speech at the Asia-Pacific Forward Forum in Taipei, emphasizing that the division between China and Taiwan exists primarily “at the political level; not at the cultural and civilizational level.”

The 68-year-old former PAP politician warned that the status quo across the Taiwan Strait may seem attractive but it is unsustainable, as it “only postpones the problem”,  considering the relative strength of the PRC versus the US is shifting in the PRC’s favour.

Mr Yeo then proposed the idea of a “Chinese Commonwealth” as a potential arrangement to facilitate negotiations between both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

He explained that the specific details of this commonwealth could be discussed and refined during talks.

In another interview with This Week in Asia in August, Yeo downplayed the impact of the Taiwan presidential election on China-U.S. relations, describing Taiwan as just “one piece on the geopolitical chessboard”.

Additionally, he accused former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of exploiting Taiwan during her August 2022 visit and suggested that the Taiwanese government was not particularly receptive to her.

MOFA Taiwan denounces George Yeo’s controversial remarks

In a press release issued on Thursday (Sept. 14), MOFA of ROC Taiwan expressed deep disappointment with Yeo’s remarks about the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan-U.S. relations at the Asia-Pacific Forward Forum.

The ministry asserted that Yeo’s comments were “completely inconsistent with the facts, clearly biased, and at odds with the understanding of most democratic countries in the region.”

Furthermore, they contended that Yeo’s personal opinions not only fail to contribute to regional peace and stable development but also harm the positive development of Taiwan-U.S. relations and Taiwan-Singapore relations.

The ministry voiced its profound regret over Yeo’s comments and urged against becoming a conduit for China’s authoritarian agenda.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes individuals from various countries to visit Taiwan and witness firsthand our unwavering commitment to safeguarding national sovereignty, as well as our efforts to defend democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law. ”

“Additionally, we hope that foreign visitors invited to attend events in Taiwan will gain an accurate understanding of international and regional developments, demonstrate respect for the host country, and adhere to basic diplomatic etiquette. ”

“This is to prevent any perception of assisting the Chinese government in its propaganda efforts or making inappropriate statements that could lead to social divisions and misunderstandings in Taiwanese society, ” said the ministry in the statement.

George Yeo responds to ROC Foreign Ministry statement

Following the recent statement from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Yeo turned to Facebook to convey his ‘surprise’ at the ministry’s response.

He asserted that his speech had been positively received by the audience, which notably included former President Ma Ying-jeou and former Vice President Vincent Siew.

“I have great affection for the land and people of Taiwan and meant well.”

Mr Yeo’s complete speech at the Asia-Pacific Forward Forum on Wednesday is available on his Facebook page:

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Nobody wants to be friends with China, anymore, with all their deviousness and wolf warrior mentality, especially with Xijing Ping’s paranoia, in his recent takedown of his very own appointed people. Are you so blind in your pro China fervour that you can’t see this?


Why must we listen to him ? Why must China, Taiwan listen to him? Who is him? I don’t know leh. LoL

Singaporeans wish that you GY, will do your utmost to understand the feelings, thoughts, aspirations, frustration, dissatisfaction, the angst of the people of Singapore, just like you profess to know and understand Taiwan and the Taiwanese people. When you put on your group thinking hat in Singapore, you suddenly become just like the current leadership team. Perhaps the Party Whip does not allow you to be as discerning, as far sighted, as empathetic and as understanding as you are with China and Taiwan. Practise what you preach, not just while overseas, more importantly when in Singapore and all things Singapore.… Read more »

lol call ISD to arrest Georgie Yeoman for MARXIST CONSPIRACY!!!!

Is GY mooting for a Chinese Common Wealth? First Taiwan, next Singapore, followed by all the Indo China countries? Does he realize that he is promoting Communism? LKY would have had him arrested and locked up using the ISD.

GY is nothing but a vain pot, full of himself.

Always believing that he can come out with some earth shattering ideas that no one else can think of,

If he keep those stupid thoughts to himself, nobody will know he is just a day dreamer or fool.

He likes to Frown. As if to appear more cheem when he is really just a nobody.

Is this not considered Foreign Intervention ? Is there double standard that he is not dealt with by sg?

There is no Commonwealth if some Rich still have the mindset of scapegoating others so they can continue “to serve”. Opportunities will not be given to the future generation. No?!?

Georgie’s probably yearning for the limelight, even, … if it means sticking his nose where it’s not wanted or warranted !!!

Then again, … desperate people do undertake desperate decisions !!!

This George Yeo unable to survive in the private sector, returned to the PAP to leech on the people again, like Khaw, Ah Meng, and Lui!

In what capacity was this Yeo speaking in the forum? Is the PAP supporting Yeo’s suggestion?

Loose”canon”Georgie apparently has placed himself (by inference SG)between two “explosive” plate.Communist China have always considered TW as an undisputed part of their own.What right has Georgie got to pass such uncalled for suggestions.He should have known this fact and not be so carefree in his advocation.Everyone knows SG is a close buddy of CCP China.TW has reacted adversely to his unthinkable comment, literally giving him a big slap . Let’s await when communist China will reprimand this loose canon .🤩🤩🤩

Who is he btw? Oh he is ex pappie. Got kicked out by Punggol Sengkang voters? tsk tsk tsk

Recenlty supports NKS for Presidential post? tskt tsk tsk

George is a disgrace

Would we like it if someone tells us to join back Malaysia? GY , should n’t be representing CCP if he is still holding a Singapore passport.

As a cabinet Minister in the Singapore Government previously, GY should practise what the Government preaches to outsiders, that is, outsiders should not interfere with Singapore’s domestic politics and affairs.
Yet our current and past ministers often like to air their views on other countries’ affairs even when they are not asked.
Doesn’t GY know that the Taiwanese Government and people know their country better?

This smart alec yeo yeo starts his nonsensical musings again.

Hello, if can’t win back Aljunied just STFU!

This guy should shuddup !!

Isn’t he interfering other country’s affair? Why SG double standards?

Looks like someone is very worried about SG massive investment in China. Using their proxy to choose sides?

Surprise !

KNN Surprise .

What will bind this “Chinese commonwealth?”

Culture? Only Taiwan has that. The CCP destroyed traditional Chinese culture during the “cultural revolution”.

Values? Taiwan is a democratic republic that upholds fundamental human rights and rule of law. The CCP is a communist organisation with no respect for human rights nor rule of law.

Does Mr George Yeo want a “Chinese commonwealth” so that Singapore could join up in the distant future? Mainland China and Singapore edging towards political alignment with each passing day.