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PM Lee applauds PE2023’s positive outcome as Singapore elects minority President

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong praised the 2023 Presidential Election as a positive milestone for Singapore’s future.

He highlighted the election’s reflection of Singaporeans choosing a qualified candidate, diminishing racial significance in voting, and improved understanding of the president’s role.



SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hailed the 2023 Presidential Election’s outcome as a positive development for Singapore, and bodes well the future of the nation.

He emphasized that the election underscored Singaporeans’ collective decision to elect a well-qualified candidate, while also highlighting a diminishing significance of race in the voting process and an enhanced comprehension of the president’s roles and responsibilities.

“The outcome of this presidential election was positive for Singapore for many reasons.”

After securing a resounding victory in the Presidential Election with 70.41% of the vote, former People’s Action Party senior minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam was inaugurated as Singapore’s President at the Istana on Thursday (13 Sept) evening.

Addressing the audience at President Tharman’s inauguration ceremony at the Istana on Thursday, PM Lee underscored that Singaporeans have chosen a candidate who is eminently qualified for the esteemed office.

PM Lee praised that Tharman possesses not only the requisite abilities, experience, and stature for this role, but also exhibits sound judgment and unwavering integrity, all crucial qualities for a president.

Furthermore, PM Lee pointed out that PE 2023 had also shown that when it comes to voting, race is a smaller factor now than it used to be.

“as you, Mr President said on Election night, race is a factor in politics everywhere. But Singaporean voters today look at many other factors too.”

“It is indeed a good sign that in a national vote, Singaporeans have elected a candidate from a minority Community as president on his merits by an overwhelming majority.”

Additionally, PM Lee noted that in this election, voters displayed a deeper understanding of the president’s roles and responsibilities.

“The president is someone who represents all of us with dignity and grace and fulfills his custodial duties with integrity and independent judgment while staying above the dust and heat of politics.”

“The campaign was focused on how the candidates intended to exercise these custodial powers and what personal experience and attributes they would bring to the Post rather than on government policies or political issues.”

Singaporeans understood that they were choosing a president for the nation and not electing the next government all these bode well for the nation’s future, PM Lee said.

PM Lee vows government’s full support to President Tharman

PM Lee also congratulated President Tharman on his decisive election win and expressed his government’s commitment to working closely with the ninth president to steer Singapore toward a brighter future for all citizens.

“It was good that there was a contest, and Singaporeans had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote,” he said.

“The strong vote share you garnered showed the regard and support voters had for you, and for your message of unity expressed in your campaign theme ‘Respect for All’.”

He affirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to provide full support and cooperation in managing Singapore’s unique two-key system, a crucial safeguard for the nation’s reserves and key appointments.

“You are the guardian of our Nest Egg which we have painstakingly built up over decades. Assisted by the Council of Presidential Advisors, you have to ensure that the reserves are well protected to be used only for important and exceptional purposes, especially in urgent crisis.”

He expressed confidence in President Tharman’s ability to fulfil this pivotal duty, citing his extensive expertise in economic and financial matters, along with his profound familiarity with the system.

Furthermore, PM Lee articulated his certainty that President Tharman would excel in his role as Singapore’s chief diplomat, given his active involvement in international dialogues concerning economic and monetary issues.

PM Lee underlined the government’s commitment to close collaboration with President Tharman, leveraging his wealth of experience and personal standing to further Singapore’s interests and elevate the nation’s global stature.

PM Lee concluded by echoing President Tharman’s campaign message of unity, underscoring the government’s shared objective of nurturing a more inclusive society.

“The Government shares your declared goal: to build a more inclusive society, one where everyone is valued for who they are, and every Singaporean has a place.”

PM Lee’s 2008 perspective on minority Presidents

In 2008, Mr Lee Hsien Loong was asked at a grassroots event, in the light of Mr Barack Obama’s electoral win as US President, if Singapore was ready for a PM of a minority race, and specifically from the Malay-Muslim community.

Mr Lee said in reply: ‘It’s possible. It depends on how people vote, on who has the confidence of the population.’

“Will it happen soon? I don’t think so, because you have to win votes. And these sentiments – who votes for whom, and what makes him identify with that person – these are sentiments which will not disappear completely for a long time, even if people do not talk about it, even if people wish they did not feel it.”

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This may just be the prelude to their Pappy script. Next he may throw the bomb that he will be staying on with the excuse to look for and groom a minority as SG next PM bypassing Lawless Wong. He will has his son convert to a minority race.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).

Hypocrisy at its best indeed. After engineering a kelong president in the last PE thereby depriving us from voting, he is now “glad” that Singaporeans have a chance to vote. So if someone slap his face yesterday, today dun slap his face, he should say Thank You to the person who slapped him, hor?

Worst PM in SG history, indeed.

My CB (cuckoo bird) tell me: Its the same pappy voters + the converted citizens who voted for him. The rest estimated 30% did not vote for him. Nothing will change the lives on whether the poor can bring food on the table. Unifying, sports agendas, arts, etc can bring food on the table? What do you think? .Sure, $1000 salary can afford HDB flats. Let see the next 6 years when GST starts at 9%?

Thank you CB!.