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Award-winning author Johan Nylander unravels Mongolia’s intriguing battle for democracy in latest book

Johan Nylander’s latest non-fiction, ‘The Wolf Economy Awakens’, released by Hong Kong University Press, delves into Mongolia’s democratic journey, its geopolitical challenges, and potential for economic boom. Set for global availability from 10 October 2023, the book highlights the nation’s resilience and aspirations on the global stage.



HONG KONG: Hong Kong University Press, the publishing arm of Asia’s premier English-speaking university, announced today the global release of ‘The Wolf Economy Awakens – Mongolia’s Fight for Democracy, and a Green and Digital Future’ by acclaimed journalist and author, Johan Nylander.

Set to be available from 10 October 2023, the non-fiction book promises readers an in-depth exploration of Mongolia’s recent challenges, opportunities, and aspirations on the global stage.

Johan Nylander, previously celebrated for his works on the US-China trade war and China’s thriving tech hub Shenzhen, now focuses his incisive lens on Mongolia.

Based on his extensive travels and intimate interviews with Mongolia’s top echelon, including Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai, Nylander delves into the rumored assassination attempts on the Prime Minister.

The narrative runs parallel to the tragic assassination of Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, in July 2022.

Nylander’s newest offering reveals the complexities of Mongolia’s geopolitical position, sandwiched between the formidable powers of Russia and China. However, it’s not all political strife. The author paints a hopeful picture of Mongolia, a country bursting at its seams with immense potential thanks to its vast natural resources, cutting-edge tech startups, and a robust democratic framework.

Hong Kong University Press emphasizes the book’s timely arrival, highlighting Mongolia’s strategic and rapid repositioning within the global economy. Drawing upon the land’s rich reserves, both natural and human, the book offers a dynamic portrayal of Mongolia’s aspirations for a brighter future.

Endorsements for the book have already poured in from leading academics and business experts. Rob Carnell, Head of Research and Chief Economist, Asia-Pacific, ING Bank (Singapore), notes, “Nylander’s book is a must-read for Asia enthusiasts,” while Jan Wigsten, CEO of 360° Mongolia, hails it as his “favorite read on contemporary Mongolia.”

In a personal comment, Nylander shared, “Mongolia is a country of beauty and hardship. Over my travels, I’ve been privileged to interact with its warm and resilient people, poised on the brink of significant change.”

Michael Duckworth, publisher at HKU Press, expressed his excitement about the book’s launch, praising Nylander’s insightful exploration of Mongolia’s evolving relationship with the global economy.

‘The Wolf Economy Awakens – Mongolia’s Fight for Democracy, and a Green and Digital Future’ will be priced at $25 USD (paperback) and $20 USD (e-book).

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