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Lost everything? Viral video captures shocking nude stroll in Macau hotel lobby, sparking concern

A viral video shows a woman walking naked in a Macau hotel lobby, leaving netizens astounded.

Some speculate it’s related to gambling, while others express concerns about her mental state.



MACAU, CHINA: Gambling triggers dopamine (a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good) release in the brain, inducing a sense of excitement regardless of the outcome.

This phenomenon often leads individuals down a path of deteriorating mental health and financial loss. It is crucial to practice responsible gambling.

A video has gone viral on the internet, in which a woman is seen walking naked in the lobby of a hotel in Macau. The 10-second video left netizens astounded.

The video was uploaded last Friday (1 Sept) by a Facebook user under the caption “Strolling Nude in Macau Casino,” as the original video had been deleted.

The video features a young woman, estimated to be in her twenties to thirties, slender, with short black shoulder-length hair.

She is seen walking bare in the hotel’s deserted lobby, wearing only the thin paper slippers provided by the hotel.

While the exact time of recording is unspecified, the absence of any other individuals suggests that it possibly occurred late at night when the area was deserted.

Notably, the video includes signs indicating “Parisian Buffet,” leading to speculation that the incident took place at The Parisian Macau Hotel, a renowned five-star establishment.

The Enigma of the nude casino walk

The woman initially turned her back to the camera, then turned to face it again, revealing her buttocks and back as she walked past several shops in the hotel lobby corridor.

The video lacks any dialogue, leaving the language spoken by the woman undisclosed. Besides, the true motive behind her nude stroll remains a mystery.

In the comment section of the video, netizens couldn’t help but express astonishment at her “eccentricity.”

As for why the woman chose to walk around the Macau casino in the nude, some netizens speculated: “Perhaps she had an excessive amount of fun in the casino,” “She might be the true gambler who lost everything.”

Some suggest “Experiencing a complete loss is a reality,” or “She may have lost a significant amount of money and attempted this unconventional approach to change her luck before returning to the casino fully dressed.”

However, a number of Facebook users expressed concerns about her mental well-being, speculating whether she might have been under the influence of substances like alcohol or drugs.

There were also worries that she might have been compelled to roam naked due to threats from criminals.

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