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COE prices for bigger cars hit $134,889, open category soars to $137,000 in Singapore

In a consecutive trend, Singapore’s Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices reach new highs, with significant surges for bigger cars and the Open category in the latest tender.



SINGAPORE: The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices witnessed another surge, marking the third consecutive tender where prices have reached new highs. The latest tender on Wednesday (6 Sep) revealed a significant jump in prices, particularly for larger cars and the Open category.

For cars boasting engines beyond 1,600cc or power exceeding 130bhp, as well as electric vehicles (EVs) with an output surpassing 110kW, the COE price increased by 3.85 per cent. Rising from the previous value of S$129,890, the new price now stands at S$134,889.

Open category COE, which is versatile and can be applied to almost any vehicle type barring motorcycles, saw its premium increase by 4.58 per cent.

Formerly priced at S$131,000, the premium has now soared to a staggering S$137,000. It’s noteworthy that the majority of these COEs find their use for larger vehicles.

Category A COE, primarily used for less powerful cars and EVs, experienced a marginal increase. With a jump of S$1,000 from its previous value, the current price is pegged at S$101,000.

On the commercial front, the vehicle COE price witnessed a modest rise of 0.11 per cent. Climbing slightly from its earlier price of S$82,801, the COE now stands at S$82,889.

Providing a silver lining amid the ascending prices, the motorcycle category was the sole segment to see a decline. The latest COE premium for motorcycles settled at S$10,901, which is 4.39 per cent lower than the prior price of S$11,402.

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Pineapple is really good for this country and the people. Everything – Tiger beer, ice cream, COE and I’m sure many more things – huat ah. The people have made the right choice.

More questionable and muddy billions $ into SG everything will shoot like crazy. The end results are more suffering for the common people while the rich and bug businesses are all laughing to the banks

Fantasy Island…….
A paradise for the rich,
where common folks slaves away to make the elites happy!

For once I’m glad i don’t drive or own a car.
In Singapore, you don’t really own a car, you merely rent it for 10 years.
Just like our homes here, its only paper value and not the real intrinsic or true value.
Silly sporeans just making LTA laugh all the way to the banks