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COE premiums decline across all categories in latest bidding exercise

COE premiums fell across all categories in the latest bidding on 5 June. Category A cars dropped to S$88,200, while larger vehicles and motorcycles also saw declines.



In the latest Certificate of Entitlement (COE) bidding session held on Wednesday (5 June), premiums for all vehicle categories witnessed a decline.

This adjustment comes as the quota for COEs increases for the upcoming May to July period.

For Category A cars, which include vehicles 1,600cc and below with horsepower not exceeding 130bhp, the premiums closed at S$88,200 (US$65,460), experiencing a drop from S$92,700 noted in the previous session.

In Category B, which covers larger and more powerful cars, premiums fell to S$100,607, down from S$105,689. Commercial vehicles, encompassing goods vehicles and buses (Category C), also saw a decrease, with premiums settling at S$70,589, a dip from S$72,001.

Motorcycle premiums in Category D closed at S$8,989, a slight decrease from the previous S$9,311. Meanwhile, Open category COEs, applicable for any vehicle type but predominantly used for larger cars, saw a reduction to S$101,600 from S$105,002.

This bidding session concluded with a total of 3,722 bids received against a quota of 2,579 COEs available.

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