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9 individuals in S$1 billion money laundering case face new charges, while tenth remains hospitalised

On 30 August, Singapore court heard cases involving 10 foreign nationals, charged in a S$1 billion money laundering case. New charges were brought against nine individuals.

Su Haijin wasn’t charged due to injuries from an escape attempt.



SINGAPORE: On Wednesday (30 Aug), the district court conducted hearings for the 10 foreign nationals who had been arrested and charged in connection with their alleged participation in the S$1 billion money laundering case.

The prosecution introduced new charges against nine of the ten individuals involved.

However, Su Haijin, one of the accused, did not face new charges due to his ongoing recovery from injuries sustained when he leapt from a balcony during the arrest.

Here’s a summary of the new charges against each individual:

1. Su Baolin, a Cambodian national (41)

He received one additional charge of forgery, increasing his total charges to two.

Allegedly, he submitted a falsified document to Standard Chartered Bank in December 2020.

The document was dated 20 December 2019 and claimed to be a “Borrowing Agreement” between Su Baolin and another person named Se Liang.

2. Chen Qingyuan, a Cambodian national (33)

He faced three new charges related to possessing assets linked to criminal activities.

This brought his total charges to four.

The assets included approximately S$6.25 million spread across six bank accounts with Citibank Singapore, a white Land Rover vehicle, and cryptocurrencies.

These assets were believed to be derived from his alleged involvement in illegal remote gambling operations.

3. Su Wenqiang, a Cambodian national (31)

He received a new charge for converting benefits obtained from criminal conduct.

He used these benefits to purchase a Mercedes Benz vehicle worth S$500,000 around 28 January 2022.

Su had reportedly facilitated an illegal remote gambling service from the Philippines to individuals in the People’s Republic of China.

He now faced a total of two charges.

4. Wang Dehai, a Cypriot national (34)

He was presented with a fresh charge for converting proceeds from criminal activities to purchase a residential unit at “The Marq,” an Orchard condominium, for S$23 million on 29 November 2019.

Like Su Wenqiang, he was allegedly involved in an illegal remote gambling operation based in the Philipines, targeting individuals in The People’s Republic of China.

Wang Dehai had two charges in total.

5. Wang Baosen, a Chinese national (31)

He was charged a second time for possessing a black Toyota vehicle that represented benefits stemming from illegal remote gambling activities.

A conviction for possessing property tied to criminal conduct could lead to a fine not exceeding S$500,000, a prison term not exceeding 10 years, or both.

6. Lin Baoying, a Chinese national (43)

She faced two new charges.

The first was forging an agreement related to the sale of a property in Macau, which she purportedly owned.

This took place between 14 July and 23 July 2020, when she supposedly planned to use the document to trick Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) into believing that she owned the property, had sold it, and received money from the sale.

The second new charge was for intentionally obstructing justice during an investigation concerning the aforementioned agreement.

According to the charge sheets, it is indicated that she reportedly provided false information to a Commercial Affairs officer from the Singapore Police Force on 8 June 2022.

She also claimed that her assistant “Xiao Chen” had prepared the agreement.

Each count of forgery could result in a maximum 10-year prison sentence and a fine.

For each count of obstructing justice, Lin could face up to seven years in prison, a fine, or both.

7. Zhang Ruijin, a Chinese national (44)

He was arrested alongside Lin Baoying, and received two new forgery charges, bringing his total charges to three.

These new charges stemmed from alleged forged documents associated with the sale of a property in Macau, with the intent to deceive CIMB Bank.

8. Su Haijin, a Cypriot national (40)

He did not receive any new charges due to his injuries sustained during the arrest.

He had undergone surgery on Monday (28 Aug) after fracturing bones while attempting to escape by jumping off a balcony.

The prosecution reported that he would be unable to provide a statement for three days, as reported by Shin Min Daily News.

Moreover, authorities had seized assets worth S$160 million and 24 electronic devices, necessitating additional time for evidence collection.

There was evidence suggesting that an outside party had tried to disperse assets under Su Haijin’s name, implying connections with individuals from abroad.

Before this, Su was pictured without shoes and wearing shorts outside his Good Class Bungalow (GCB) located in Ewart Park.

Su was caught barefoot in shorts outside his GCB (Source: Shin Min Daily News)

This occurred following his purported escape attempt by jumping from the second-floor balcony.

Su’s lawyer emphasized that he did not resist arrest and unintentionally fell from the balcony.

His funds’ origin was traceable, and the registered businesses were legitimately his.

9. Vang Shuiming, a Turkish national (42)

He received four fresh charges, with one existing charge, he now has a total of five charges.

The new charges were related to possessing over S$2 million spread across multiple bank accounts, allegedly gained from unauthorized moneylending activities in China.

10. Su Jianfeng, a Ni-Vanuatu national (35)

He faced three new charges for possessing S$17 million in cash, believed to be derived from illegal remote gambling activities.

The money was discovered in three secure deposit boxes held by a security company.

In total, Su Jianfeng was charged four times.

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When the flood gates are opened, anything can happens…..bomb threats, etc etc. What do you think?

The criminals have been brought to court. How about our regulators who failed at every level? How many getting the sack?

Can singapura become CLEANER and Safer ?