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Singapore’s Elections Department adjusts polling stations for MacPherson residents ahead of presidential vote

Singapore’s Elections Department (ELD) responded to feedback by issuing new poll cards to MacPherson residents before the Sep 1 presidential vote, altering distant polling station assignments.

ELD personally distributed cards, considering resident convenience. Certain HDB block residents favored closer polling stations for ease. ELD adjusted based on feedback.



SINGAPORE: Ahead of the presidential vote on Friday (1 Sep), Singapore’s Elections Department (ELD) issued new poll cards to MacPherson residents due to feedback that they were allocated polling stations further from where they live.

On Monday (Aug 28) and Tuesday, ELD personally distributed the updated poll cards to the affected residents and offered in-person explanations about the changes.

As reported by CNA, residents living in certain HDB blocks within a polling district in MacPherson provided local feedback to the ELD, suggesting that voting at polling stations closer to their residences would be more convenient for them.

“ELD appreciates the feedback and has made the adjustments,” ELD said.

For instance, prior to this, residents residing in Block 56 Pipit Road were issued poll cards instructing them to vote at Block 83 Circuit Road.

This arrangement required them to cross a road, even though a polling station was available right at their void deck.

In the video, Mr Er Choon Bon, 60, who has been living in the estate for over 20 years, said he was confused by the initial arrangement.

“This is very messy. People should be voting near where they live. Why must some living in Block 56 go to Block 83?” he asked.

Mr Anthony Heng, 39, who has resided in the neighborhood for six years, said that while the change in polling stations was “very last minute”, he appreciated that the new poll cards were sent straight to residents’ units as he was concerned that some might not check their mailboxes regularly.

“It’s convenient because I have plans to travel. (Now that the polling station is) nearer to me, I can plan my time and tasks better. Also, for the older folks, they will not need to cross a road to the other side, which is further,” he added.

Another resident, Saroja Raja, 64, said: “My husband is in a wheelchair. So for me, it’s very difficult, I must push him in the wheelchair and carry him to stand. So (now that the polling station has changed) nearby, it is much easier for me.”

CNA’s report stated that the ELD couldn’t determine the number of residents affected.

Additionally, on Tuesday, blocks 54, 56, 68 and 69 had ELD notices at their lift lobbies explaining the changes to their polling stations.

An Elections Department notice informing residents of a change in their polling station, seen at the lift lobby of Block 68 Pipit Road on August 29, 2023. (Pic: CNA/Tan Si Hui)

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Knn, eld. This issue must complain to pmo. All eld staff just wake up after every 4 years, is it?
The cc is only besides my hdb flat, but all residents here have to go to another polling station at least 200m away, very inconvenient for elderly and those on wheelchairs because it is not straight road but many detour around other buildings, and crossing the roads.

We don’t blame you. Every day is a learning curve, so please don’t tell Singaporeans oppositions can’t run town councils.

Nobody is born how to run town councils. What do you think?