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Tragic passing of rescued ginger cat from Malaysia’s Elmina plane crash site draws heartfelt condolences

Rescued from the site of Malaysia’s Elmina Plane Crash Incident two weeks ago , Oyen Elmina’s journey ended tragically due to feline immunodeficiency virus.

Veterinarian Dr. Zul Erwan’s efforts garnered condolences and gratitude, while tributes poured in for Oyen’s resilience and the dedicated rescue team.




MALAYSIA: Tragedy struck when a feline survivor, Oyen Elmina, emerged from a fateful collision involving a Beechcraft Model 390 aircraft on Persiaran Elmina, Shah Alam (17 Aug).

The valiant efforts of the Health Ministry’s ambulance team spared Oyen’s life, as they swiftly rescued and administered initial aid to the distressed cat.

Transported to the care of Dr Zul Erwan’s clinic in Sungai Buloh, Oyen embarked on a journey of recovery that captured the hearts of many.

Oyen Elmina’s journey has reached its poignant conclusion

Dr. Zul Erwan, the compassionate veterinarian who tirelessly tended to Oyen, conveyed the news of Oyen’s passing on Instagram (27 Aug).

In a somber tribute, Dr Zul Erwan shared that Oyen had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), also known as feline immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

This relentless adversary compromised Oyen’s immune defences, exacerbated by the intricacies of a spinal wound that hastened the spread of infection.

“With heavy hearts, we convey the news of Oyen Elmina’s eternal departure today.”

“Oyen, unfortunately, tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), also known as feline AIDS, which severely compromised his immune system,” Dr. Zul Erwan wrote.

He went on to explain that the infection, exacerbated by complications in Oyen’s spinal wound, rapidly took its toll.

The post has attracted an outpouring of condolences and tributes, with hundreds of comments flooding in since its publication.

Many individuals expressed their grief over Oyen’s passing and extended their appreciation to Dr. Zul Erwan and his team for their unwavering dedication.

“Goodbye Oyen and thank you Dr Zul and team. Oyen was able to feel loved and appreciated even for a moment.”


Netizen comment on Dr. Zul Erwan Instagram

“Goodbye, Oyen. Thank you Dr Zul for making Oyen feel happy. May Dr Zul and his team be blessed. God willing.”


Netizen comment on Dr. Zul Erwan Instagram

“Rest in peace, buddy. (I’m) Gonna miss you Oyen. Special thanks to Dr. Zul and the team for doing everything well. It means a lot to Oyen.”


Netizen comment on Dr. Zul Erwan Instagram

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Poor kitty – at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Kudos to those who tried to help heal it.