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ELD apologies after 9,822 voters in Tanjong Pagar GRC received 2 poll cards due to printing error

Due to a printer error, more than 4,800 households in Tanjong Pagar GRC received two poll cards for an upcoming Presidential election.

The Elections Department apologised for the mistake and reassured voters that safeguards are in place to prevent dual voting. It said that it is rectifying the situation.



SINGAPORE: Due to an error by the appointed printer, over 4,800 households in Tanjong Pagar have received two poll cards for the upcoming presidential election that will be held on 1 September.

The Elections Department (ELD) on Thursday (24 Aug) stated that the printer, Toppan, mistakenly included test prints of poll cards along with the correct ones, affecting a total of 4,803 households and 9,822 voters in Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Out of these voters, 9,354 individuals received two poll cards with different serial numbers, while 468 voters were issued two poll cards with the same details.

The impacted voters are designated to cast their votes at polling stations within Tanjong Pagar GRC: St. Margaret’s School, Tanglin Community Centre, Farrer Park Primary School, and Delta Sports Hall.

ELD reassured Singaporeans that measures are in place to guarantee that individuals with two poll cards will only be able to vote once at their appropriate polling location.

This is because voters will need to present their NRIC, which will be cross-verified against the polling station register.

Some voters who received the additional cards have already provided feedback, prompting ELD to contact affected individuals and provide them with the correct voter serial number.

Alternatively, voters can access accurate information from their ePoll cards on Singpass, which remains unaffected by the printing mistake.

The erroneous or duplicated poll cards can then be discarded.If assistance is required, affected voters can call 1800-CALL-ELD (1800-225-5353).

ELD expressed apologies for any confusion caused to the affected voters.

“We apologise for the confusion caused to affected voters. ELD would like to assure Singaporeans that processes are in place to ensure that voters with two poll cards will only be able to vote once at the correct polling station as voters will also need to produce their NRIC, which will be verified against the polling station register at the polling station,” said the ELD.

The Elections Department of Singapore (ELD) is a department under the Prime Minister’s Office.

It has the responsibility of preparing for and managing the conduct of Presidential and Parliamentary elections and any national referendum in Singapore.

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Can anyone give your opinion as to whether there exists a brand of “ink” which would turn colourless within a short period of time after it’s applied as a print on special paper.As we now know a new device has been introduced to assist voters mark the little “box” in the ballot paper.Your comments please 😅😅

Its vote stuffing .STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

Excusable, Pardonable. Nobody Is Perfect.

This ONE, Attached Herein, Took The World For A Ride, Is Outright Fakery.

Do Y’all Think There Is A POTUS 46?

CPIB and ISD better do a check on that rouge printer!

Very very bad form ELD.

Even if the printer made the mistakes, the ELD is the agency to send out the poll cards. And it is the ELD’s responsibility to ensure everything is in order.

Don’t push the blame to the printer. Ultimately ou are accountable, ELD.

It certainly smells fishy – more than meets the eye – when such petty mistakes happen.

The price to pay is small, when double counting of votes for U know who.

The days when many pple say in Sheegapore, everything works, in the 70s, 80s, as known all over, proudly, are long gone – it’s history, lock up in the museum.

Less than 3million voters can make this kind of mistakes? What happened to SMART NATION technology? All used by and for cronies? Mediocrity at its best?

One person 2 votes?
Hardcore Pee A Pee supporters area double their % win?😆😆😆😆😆

Another scandal??

Like that also can.What happened to the spotless images of our institutions.AGO. should investigate and ensure that those responsible be asked to account.