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Suspected bomb threats target 18 locations in Singapore on Wednesday morning, no security concerns found

On Wednesday morning, alleged bomb threats were reported at 18 locations across Singapore, including government buildings, embassies, and other sites of interest.

Security checks ensued, yielding no concerning items, as reported by the Singapore Police Force. While SPF didn’t divulge specifics, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment affirmed a bomb threat linked to the Environment Building.



SINGAPORE: On the morning of Wednesday (23 Aug), alleged bomb threats were reported at 18 locations across Singapore, including government buildings, embassies, and other sites of interest.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) was alerted to the situation at around 9.10 a.m., Singapore media outlet CNA reported.

In response to these threats, comprehensive security checks were swiftly implemented at all implicated locations. Thankfully, these meticulous checks yielded no items of security concern.

While SPF did not disclose specific details about the locations or the nature of the threats, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) confirmed a bomb threat specifically related to the Environment Building.

Interestingly, the police revealed they had received similar reports of email bomb threats in South Korea, apparently originating from the same source, which ultimately turned out to be false alarms.

SPF announced that they are actively investigating this case under Section 268A of the Penal Code 1871, which pertains to communicating false information about a harmful object.

This offence carries a potential penalty of up to seven years of imprisonment, a maximum fine of S$50,000 (approximately US$36,800), or both.

“The police take all security threats seriously and will not hesitate to take action against those who intentionally communicate false information on bomb threats.”

The SPF was responding to CNA’s queries regarding the Environment Building incident this morning.

In response to such threats in the future, the police advised security officers and auxiliary police officers to conduct thorough searches for suspicious items.

“Some tell-tale indicators include items atypical of the environment, or with overt characteristics such as wires. ”

The police added that security officers and APOs have received training on how to assess and manage such situations effectively.

Members of the public were urged to remain vigilant and report any individuals or items that appear suspicious, including people in unusual attire or acting oddly, as well as packages with stains, wires, or unusual odors.

The Environment Building, located at 40 Scotts Road, faced a bomb threat on the morning of Wednesday morning.

Occupants were alerted through notices and initiated a lockdown protocol around 9.30 am. All occupants were quickly evacuated to the entrance, and the building was placed under lockdown.

Grace Fu, the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, provided an update on Facebook in the afternoon, conveying that initial checks by police and on-site security personnel did not uncover any threat items.

In response to queries, the ministry stated that they had enhanced security measures and limited access to the Environment Building.

The safety of all staff and stakeholders was highlighted as a priority, and the ministry pledged full cooperation with the Singapore Police Force’s investigation.

Reportedly, the building’s employees received communication via email around 12:10 p.m., informing them of the building’s closure for the remainder of the week, a measure taken in light of the prevailing situation.

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Threats, Like Safety & Security, Are Hidden In Plain Sight. Sometimes, From The Most Unexpected Source/s.

Will There Be Any “Friendly Fires”, Such As These, U. S. Marines Vs FEMA?

The Ownself thing has conjures up enormous amount of ingenuity – really living up to the Smart Nation tag.

Probably a typical “bomb” alert, but wayang until 18 locations. Good political points scoring, hor. Manpower and resources to response tor 18 SIMULTANEOUS locations kept on standby daily, or needed some advanced (kelong) planning beforehand?

Channel News Asia got extra media content. Reporters can run here & there to do reporting.

1 week close shop. Wow employees happy September holidays come early.

I remember there was once a local GE that took place on Sep 11th – did anybody remember? So do you think it’s coincidence to have the GE on the anniversary date of USA 9/11?? You are all smart enough to have known the answer. Now back to our 1 SEP PE….. is it ime to scare the pants off those daft voters again? Wake up Singaporeans! Wake up!