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KAWS: HOLIDAY unveils spectacular ‘Accomplice’ installation at Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Renowned artist KAWS takes his global odyssey to Indonesia with ‘KAWS: HOLIDAY’.

The monumental ‘Accomplice’ sculpture, conceived in collaboration with AllRightsReserved, graces Prambanan Temple, Sleman, melding contemporary artistry with the temple’s timeless elegance, captivating visitors until 31 August 2023.




INDONESIA: Embarking on a global odyssey, KAWS’ artistic journey continues to captivate the world’s attention.

After enchanting audiences in nine diverse countries, the mesmerizing “KAWS: HOLIDAY” spectacle has now graced Indonesia, finding its breathtaking backdrop at Prambanan Temple in Sleman.

Conceived by the visionary artist KAWS in collaboration with the esteemed AllRightsReserved, this extraordinary endeavor reimagines the essence of ‘Accomplice’.

‘Accomplice’ debuted in 2002 as a revolutionary vinyl figure, sculpted by the renowned KAWS himself.

The monumental manifestation of ‘Accomplice’ stands as a colossal centrepiece at the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Prambanan Temple, Sleman.

A symphony of creativity orchestrated by Brian Donnelly, this colossal installation spans a remarkable 45 meters in length and soars to a towering height of 15 meters, gracefully augmenting the ethereal ambience of Prambanan Temple.

In an unprecedented fusion of antiquity and innovation, visitors are treated to an extraordinary juxtaposition of ancient temple architecture harmonizing with contemporary artistry.

The narrative of ‘KAWS: HOLIDAY’ began in Seoul and traversed through Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bristol, Singapore, Mount Changbai, Melbourne, and even ventured into the cosmos.

Febrina Intan, the Managing Director of PT TWC Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko, enthusiastically noted, “The advent of ‘KAWS: HOLIDAY’ orchestrated by AllRightsReserved paints a new spectrum of wonder upon the canvas of Prambanan Temple. This monumental 45-meter masterpiece serves as a magnetic allure for discerning tourists.”

The grandeur of this iconic statue will be on display from August 19th to August 31st, 2023, welcoming enthusiasts during the operational hours of Prambanan Temple Tourism Park, open from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM local time.

Distinguished by its accessible charm, entry to witness the ‘KAWS: HOLIDAY’ masterpiece comes without an additional ticket.

Upon entering the Prambanan Temple Tourism Park, visitors are instantly greeted by the awe-inspiring statue.

Pricing for access to Prambanan Temple is set at IDR 50,000 (US $3.26) for adults and IDR 25,000 (US $1.63) for children. Foreign tourists can partake in this experience for IDR 375,000 (US $24.47) for adults and IDR 225,000 (US $14.68)for children.

Get to know KAWS

KAWS, the luminary of Pop Art hailing from the United States, known by his given name Brian Donnelly, embarked on his artistic voyage with graffiti during his teenage years.

En route from New Jersey to New York, KAWS adorned the streets and billboards with his signature artwork, perpetuating his ‘XX’ eye emblem on iconic characters like Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street.

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