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Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day celebration at Istana Merdeka enthralls the nation

Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day saw Istana Merdeka abuzz with patriotic fervor, as President Jokowi led a joyous celebration, marked by Putri Ariani’s musical prowess and spirited dance.



INDONESIA: The 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day was celebrated with grandeur and enthusiasm at Istana Merdeka, the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

President Joko Widodo, commonly known as Jokowi, shared six captivating moments from the flag-raising ceremony held on Thursday (17  Aug), through his verified Instagram account, @jokowi.

“Istana Merdeka was bustling today. The 78th Independence Day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia this year was more festive, solemn, and smooth. Attendees donned traditional attire from various regions,” President Jokowi wrote in his Instagram post.

One of the standout images shared by President Jokowi depicted Putri Ariani, the renowned semifinalist from America’s Got Talent 2023, playing the piano amidst a picturesque backdrop of lush greenery.

In a notable performance, Putri Ariani played the iconic Indonesian song “Melati Suci” composed by Guruh Sukarno Putra while accompanied by the Gita Bahana Nusantara orchestra.

She showcased her remarkable piano skills and rendered a heartfelt melody. Following her performance, Putri expressed her pride in being a part of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day celebration.

“Good afternoon, everyone. I would like to express my gratitude. I am proud and touched to be a part of the 78th Independence Day celebration. Long live Indonesia, continue progressing towards a better future,” Putri stated.

She also requested the support and prayers of the entire Indonesian community as she prepared to perform in the America’s Got Talent semifinals.

Putri Ariani then presented her rendition of the song “Rungkad,” a departure from the serene vibes of her previous performance.

As she sang the popular tune by Happy Asmara, the armed forces displayed synchronized choreography in perfect harmony. The audience at Istana Merdeka couldn’t resist the rhythm, and guests joined in to dance and celebrate the moment.

President Jokowi and First Lady Iriana were seen joyously embracing the lively atmosphere and swaying to the rhythm of the song “Rungkad.”

High-ranking officials, often associated with formality and seriousness, joined the festive dance as well.

The spectacle of fly pass by Indonesia’s Military Aircraft. (Photo: detikcom)

Following Putri Ariani’s performance, the vocal group M A C and Shine of Black (SOB) from Papua took the stage. Together, they sang “Cuma Saya” and “Jangan Ganggu,” further elevating the celebratory atmosphere.

Earlier in the day, the festivities commenced with a cultural procession from the National Monument (Monas) to Istana Merdeka.

President Jokowi mentioned in his Instagram post that the event began with the firing of seventeen ceremonial cannons and the blaring of sirens, marking the start of the commemoration of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence.

“After that, there was the reading of the proclamation text, a moment of silence, a prayer reading, followed by the hoisting of the Red and White flag by the Flag Hoisting Squad (Paskibraka) accompanied by the national anthem ‘Indonesia Raya,'” he wrote.

The nation took to social media to express their joy and admiration for President Jokowi’s role in orchestrating the festive celebration. Citizens and netizens alike hailed the President’s efforts in bringing a sense of exuberance and unity to the cherished occasion.


“We will miss you, Sir. Thank you for your efforts towards advancing Indonesia! May you continue to contribute to our nation,” @jean**** wrote in the comment section.

“Pak Jokowi is amazing, successfully bringing joy to all Indonesians on this beloved Independence Day, August 17, 2023. Stay healthy, Pak Jokowi, and to your whole family,” commented @rioagath***.

“Pak @jokowi, ever since your governance… I always look forward to national events or the like, because they’re always exciting and full of surprises! In the past, national events used to be somewhat formal and dull, but under your leadership, they’ve become so much fun! Thank you, Sir. Stay healthy always,” wrote @indriwul***.

The sky above Istana Merdeka witnessed the spectacle of fly pass by military aircraft, including fighter jets and helicopters carrying a massive Indonesian flag. The synchronized formations further added to the vibrancy of the flag-raising ceremony.

The 78th Independence Day celebration at Istana Merdeka stands as a testament to the unity, diversity, and fervor that define Indonesia’s journey toward progress and prosperity.

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