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Unveiling Indonesia’s vibrant Independence Day extravaganza

Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day sparks joy nationwide, as spirited celebrations span from Sabang to Merauke. An exuberant flag ceremony on August 17th inaugurates a medley of neighborhood competitions and parades, while early August witnesses communities transforming with festive fervor.




INDONESIA: The much-anticipated Indonesian Independence Day is an event cherished by millions throughout the archipelago.

From the western tip of Sabang to the eastern reaches of Merauke, the spirit of freedom resonates as Independence Day unfolds.

The festivities commence with the grand flag ceremony on 17 August, followed by a tapestry of community-driven events that paint the neighbourhoods with exuberance.

Traditionally hosted in public fields or local halls, these events take the form of spirited competitions—ranging from cracker-eating contests to marble races, sack dashes, and even bicycle parades bedecked in colours and creativity.

Beyond the lively competitions, several neighbourhoods proudly orchestrate vibrant processions, with residents donning regional attire while carrying mini red and white flags to celebrate Independence Day.

The exultation of Independence Day doesn’t confine itself to a single day

The fervour of Independence Day ignites well before the day turns to 17 August.

Early in the month, flags gracefully ascend flagpoles, and gates metamorphose into artistic expressions, thanks to the ingenuity of the community and its stewards.

This artistic fervour was embodied by a particular neighbourhood in Indonesia—a testament shared through a TikTok video set to the tunes of local creativity.

Uploaded on 14 August by user selagulagunya, the video garnered six million views and unveiled a tapestry of red and white flags interwoven with vibrant lights that danced along the alleyways and streets.


Bukan lagi deh emang, kelap kelip semua ini komplek, tiap rumah sama gang pasang lampu hias #hutri #hutri78 #harimerdeka #pohonmanggaviral #manggaviral #fyp #fypシ#fypdongggggggg #fypage

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

The jubilation resonated beyond the screen, capturing the hearts of netizens across the nation.

For some, it became a reminiscent synergy of 17 August and the Christmas day, evoking comparisons to a Christmas tree adorned in colourful hues.


netizen comment on TikTok.

While the festive ambience bridged two distinct celebrations, a note of envy wafted through the comments.

Some expressed a tinge of longing, admitting that their neighbourhoods weren’t teeming with the same spirited fervour.


netizen comment on TikTok.

The thrill of adorning with Independence Day paraphernalia extended far beyond a single locale.

The jubilation of commemorating Indonesia’s independence day reverberated through a corner of Tasikmalaya City as well.

The TasikMediaInformasi TikTok account captured the fervour of Tasikmalaya’s denizens, sharing their exuberance on August 12.

Within the video, which has amassed an audience of 856.2 thousand viewers, a tapestry of red and white stretches along the thoroughfare, connecting gateways with a radiant thread.

Dazzling lights have been thoughtfully arranged, amplifying the festive ambience.


Dekorasi ter_Nasionalisme di Tasikmalaya, gak ada obatnya Guysss… Mantap kieu Pak Wabup @𝗖𝗡𝗬 @ridwankamil.official @erick.thohir @dedimulyadiofficial sumber vidio @yudhaalisyukrillah #tasikmediainformasi #17agustus2023 #agustus #agustusmerdeka #kecamatansukarame #nasionalisme #harikemerdekaan #harikemerdekaanindonesia #merdeka #tasik #tasikmalaya #tasikmahgaya #tasikmalaya_jawabarat #serunya17an

♬ Dj Kemerdekan 17 Agustus – DJ ORANG KAMPUNG

Furthermore, suspended lanterns cast a luminous glow on the path, while flags flutter atop poles adorning residents’ abodes.

A petite stage adorned with likenesses of Ir. Soekarno and Moh. Hatta stands proudly, a testament to reverence for the architects of independence.

Beyond Tasikmalaya, the spirit of celebration enveloped Probolinggo City in vibrant decorations, heralding the advent of independence.

Through the TikTok handle wati_349, a glimpse into Probolinggo’s regional revelries surfaced on August 14.

Within this video, witnessed by 70.3 thousand pairs of eyes, the nocturnal streetscape awakens with a vivacious spirit, illuminated by the twinkle of lights that line the path.


#kampung #hias #lingkungan #kreatif #agustus #HUT #jalan #sunanmuria #lomba #fyp #viral

♬ suara asli – 🟥🟧🟨BASTABOY – BASTABOY

But that’s not all – at several intervals, gleaming robots and avian figures come to life through artful light arrangements.

Delicate lanterns also grace the facades of residents’ homes, further kindling the celebratory mood.

The management and residents of the showcased neighbourhood radiated an infectious zeal in welcoming Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day, crafting a living tapestry of patriotism and unity.

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