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Local heroes assist endangered proboscis monkey cross the river on boat in Sarawak

A heartwarming video of two Sarawakians, Lawrence and Emrys, helping a proboscis monkey navigate a river in Sarikei, Sarawak, has gone viral.

Their friendly interaction in Iban, comforting the primate during the crossing, has captured widespread attention after their fishing trip.



SARAWAK, MALAYSIA: A heartwarming video of two individuals helping a proboscis monkey safely cross a river in Sarikei, Sarawak has taken the internet by storm, captivating viewers across various social media platforms.

In this viral clip, two local heroes, Lawrence and Emrys, can be seen engaging in a friendly conversation with the primate in the Iban language.

The video has garnered significant attention since its upload, following their fishing expedition.

As the footage unfolds, the pair can be heard asking the primate how it’s feeling about crossing the river on their boat, while reassuring it with words of comfort, “No need to worry, just relax. We haven’t reached the other side yet.”

Despite the monkey’s hesitant leaps from the boat, Lawrence and Emrys generously assist by allowing it to grip the boat’s oar, ensuring a safe return to the shore.

Throughout the 3-minute and 35-second video, the monkey’s intriguing behavior is captured, from sitting aboard the boat to intermittently leaping off and then climbing back on, repeating this amusing pattern.

Speaking to local media, Lawrence Joe recounted the encounter with enthusiasm, explaining that he and Emrys Akup spotted the proboscis monkey swimming in the river around 9 am on a Sunday (13 Aug) morning while en route to Nanga Selalang in Sarikei for a fishing trip.

Approaching the monkey with caution, they skillfully brought the boat closer, allowing the monkey to climb aboard and find a secure perch.

Despite initial astonishment, their compassion drove them to assist the primate in its river crossing, ensuring it reached the opposite bank safely.

After this kind gesture, they carried on to the river mouth where they typically engage in their casting fishing activities.

“Our compassion for the proboscis monkey compelled us to intervene, as we wished to prevent any potential mishap while it is swimming the river,” he explained.

“After we managed to help it crossed the river. we resumed our fishing activity.

Emrys also contributed his version of the events.

“We encountered the primate near Muara Selalang. It appeared to be attempting to swim across the river,” he recounted.

The humorous verbal interactions shared between the pair and the primate, along with their compassionate gesture, have deeply resonated with numerous individuals who watched the video.

The endearing verbal exchanges and their compassionate act have deeply touched countless viewers, resulting in a flood of comments and reactions online.

Many viewers praised the duo for their kindness, extending well-wishes for their health and future endeavors.

Some others commented on the proboscis monkey’s behaviour, saying that it is cute and impatient for jumping into the water many times.

A few others also said fortunately there are no crocodiles.

The video had garnered 233,700 views and 14,500 likes since its upload.


♬ bunyi asal – Mr.N C😎 – Emrys Akup

Renowned for their inquisitive behavior and adept swimming abilities, proboscis monkeys are a protected species in Sarawak under the Wildlife Protection Ordinance of 1998.

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