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71-year-old Hong Kong man arrested after viral video shows child steering van in parking garage

A 71-year-old man was apprehended shortly after letting his 5-year-old grandson steer a van in a parking garage. T

he incident, caught on video and shared on social media, occurred at Tsuen Wan’s Belvedere Garden. The video shows the child controlling the van while seated on his grandfather’s lap.



HONG KONG: A 71-year-old man was apprehended on Tuesday (1 Aug) around 9:10 pm, just a few hours after a concerning incident occurred.

The man had allowed his 5-year-old grandson to take the wheel of a van while seated on his lap in a parking garage.

The arrest followed an uploaded video capturing the incident, which reportedly occurred at the Belvedere Garden car park—a private housing estate located in Tsuen Wan.

Shared on social media with the caption “Driving with the grandson like this,” the video depicts a slow-moving van within the car park, with the young child taking control of the steering wheel from his grandfather’s lap.

The scene culminates as the van executes a turn and ultimately comes to a halt within a designated parking spot. Subsequently, a voice, presumably belonging to the individual recording the video, can be heard exclaiming, “You are indeed crazy.”

HK netizens highlight the alleged legal violation

After the video was uploaded to the social platform, it sparked numerous comments from netizens.

Some users pointed out that even if the vehicle was not in motion, allowing a young child to sit in the driver’s seat is still against the law, as the principle is similar to driving under the influence.

One commenter wrote, “From a kid’s perspective, car handling is fun.”

However, some netizens questioned whether the kid “being tall enough to step on the gas pedal”. Nevertheless, many users emphasized the need to involve the authorities by reporting the incident.

Man arrested for dangerous driving

Upon thorough investigation, the individual identified as Mr. Lee was apprehended for reckless driving—an offense that carries a potential prison sentence of up to three years and a HK$25,000 fine (approximately $3,210), according to a statement from a spokesperson of the Hong Kong police.

“The police took note of a circulating video clip on a social media platform, depicting a child steering a light goods vehicle within a parking facility, all while seated on the driver’s lap.”

The man was granted bail and was required to report to the police in early September.

The video has more than 120 sharing counts as of Wednesday (2 Aug) since it was uploaded the day before.

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