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Home Affairs and Law Minister, K Shanmugam, refutes allegations in Facebook posts amidst controversy

Singapore Minister K Shanmugam addressed personal allegations on Facebook, including refuting claims of an affair with an Member of Parliament and a false post by an imposter about his ex-wife, Jothie Rajah.



SINGAPORE: In the midst of a property rental controversy, Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam, took to Facebook on Tuesday evening to address personal allegations circulating against him.

1. Addressing Alleged Affair with MP:

The first post by Mr. Shanmugam tackled allegations of an affair with an MP. “I have been told that an old post, fake news, is being recirculated – that I had an affair with an MP. False baseless allegations,” he stated.

The Minister has engaged his lawyers on the matter and is weighing other possible actions.

2. Disputing Imposter’s Claims about Ex-wife Jothie Rajah:

In a subsequent post, he clarified a past incident concerning an imposter who falsely claimed to be his ex-wife, Jothie Rajah, daughter of Senior Counsel and former Judicial Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Singapore, K.S. Rajah.

“A person pretending to be my ex-wife Jothie, put up a nasty, false post, many years ago,” he shared. Mr. Shanmugam confirmed that Jothie had disavowed any connection to the post, attributing it to the imposter.

While he had initially considered filing a police report when the issue first emerged, he chose not to. With the post resurfacing, he now plans to proceed with the police report.

Mr Shanmugam and Jothie Rajah were previously married for 15 years, but their marriage ended due to “mutual incompatibility”.

Speculations and allegations, such as the ones the Minister recently addressed, have been cited by some as potential reasons for their separation, although these claims remain unsubstantiated.

Parallel to these personal clarifications, Mr Shanmugam is also contending with public scrutiny over renting 26 Ridout Road, a sizable black-and-white bungalow of 23,164 sqm (249,294 sq ft) at S$26,500 from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), a statutory board under his oversight as the Minister for Law.

Ministerial statements by Mr Shanmugam and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on the matter were released in a parliamentary sitting in July.

Cabinet members of the People’s Action Party government refuted any wrongdoing, highlighting reviews by Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) which cleared both ministers.

However, concerns about a potential conflict of interest persist. Engaging in negotiations with an agency within one’s own ministry, even after recusal, can give rise to perceptions of impropriety. This seems at odds with the Ministers’ Code of Conduct from 1954.

The parliament session in July brought these concerns to the fore, with both the opposition and the public vocalizing their desire for clearer answers, but the responses provided were hardly satisfactory.

In addition to the Ridout rental saga, Mr Shanmugam and Dr Balakrishnan are also embroiled in a legal dispute with Mr Lee Hsien Yang, son of late Lee Kuan Yew.

They have threatened to sue him for defamation over a Facebook post in which Mr Lee commented on the declining trust of Singaporeans in the PAP government. So far, no public update on the legal threat by the two ministers has been made.

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Wah lau…the snakemugam lots of skeleton in closet ah? Surely he claim this is malicious but if it’s true then how? He should be charged according to the law for giving false information.

Aiyoyo! He not retiring?

Either too free or too many shit in the Rid.out snake hole to cover up.

even if they are true, he would still refute.
whom would spf side? the truth or their own boss?

comment image

How can you have time for your Public duties if you are scrutinizing social media? If an idiot writes inaccuracies just get your PR team to address it. Don’t become a bigger idiot to spend more time on this. The police surely must have more serious work to address than to pander to your personal needs. We are still waiting for the COI on the police force for the suicide of the police officer. This is in the interest of the State and people. You have already compromised your position in renting Ridout Road. If you are unable to differentiate… Read more »

So if a person claims something is fake, it must be fake? No need proven by court?

Old & Stupid…. everyday abt, internet post, social media…… everyday there old senior citizen got SCAM online, instead of paid mil$ to do his job to prevent n protect better, tis dark clown playin old school teacher computer game….

Can someone tell police to get info for his personal purposes, if any? Can someone instruct police to check some data for his personal issue, if any?

I remember someone said this before.A minister’s salary should be substantial,then got more confidence when meeting business leaders.If you don’t earn 500k,you are mediocre (pardon me if not mentioned before)
Some CEO of our state company are earning about 5-16million(including bonus,shares,etc).So we should pay our minister roughly the same for their hard work..(Sorry I don’t know about their bonus or if any?I based it on their published salary.)

Since presidents’salary is about 9million,so must as well choose someone who got a chance to kah cheow(check and balance)a bit .In strong organisation, theres always a group of NO men purposely set up to scrutinize proposal.In this way,the CEO will get the best not only from the YES men.Most chance is Tan kin Lian.Because Goh will have to pay a bit of attention to Harvey Norman.

Let’s hope-2025.
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