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Disturbing trend of breast milk misuse in Indonesia and call for safer donations

A TikTok revelation has spotlighted an unsettling trend where adults, primarily men, are pursuing breast milk from mothers in Indonesia. The fetish phenomenon involves manipulating sympathy and deceiving lactating mothers.




INDONESIA: Mother’s milk or breast milk serves as a vital source of nourishment for infants.

However, an alarming trend has emerged where breast milk is being sought after by adults, predominantly men.

A recent TikTok video shed light on this peculiar issue, detailing an encounter with an individual harboring a fetish for breast milk.

The fetish phenomenon encompasses a particular fixation on certain objects, body parts, or activities for sexual arousal.

The TikTok account under the username shared her experiences, along with those of other mothers who had encountered individuals with this fetish.

“This is becoming increasingly distressing – engaging in conversations with individuals fixated on lactating mothers and breast milk. Regrettably, I’m not the sole target; countless others are also affected. It’s imperative to caution all breastfeeding mothers,” she conveyed in a written statement accompanying an image.

The content, which garnered an impressive 457.1 thousand views after being posted on August 10th, includes screenshots displaying conversations between the offender and breastfeeding mothers.

The individual adeptly assumes the role of a concerned husband, seemingly seeking a breast milk donor due to his wife’s hospitalization.

Manipulating sympathy, he dupes one of the victims into supplying breast milk, oblivious to its misuse.

In one of the screenshots, he even masquerades as his own wife, asserting the need for breast milk as their child is purportedly not benefiting from breastfeeding.

Upon realizing the deception and growing suspicions, the victim promptly severs communication ties with the perpetrator.


chat screenshot of the victim and the perpetrator (Photo: TikTok/

Social media users flooded the comments section, offering diverse viewpoints.

Some recommend a safer route for donating breast milk – suggesting direct donations to orphanages.

“For mothers with surplus breast milk willing to donate, it’s advisable to directly contribute to orphanages or more secure avenues. This situation is deeply unsettling,” user r***** commented.


Netizen comment on TikTok

Other users propose that potential donors should insist on verifying the requestor’s identity or engage in a video call prior to any donation.

“Sis, please disseminate this information among the breast milk donor community. My apologies to those unaware. In the future, requesters should be prompted to establish their identity or engage in a preliminary video call,” urged user f****.


Netizen comment on TikTok

Response from the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI)

In response to the viral incident involving the ASI fetish, reported from detik, the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI) has issued a statement.

AIMI emphasizes the importance of cautious selection when it comes to breast milk donors.

“Selecting breast milk donors should not be a random process; stringent screening is essential. Thorough examination of breast milk is also imperative. Donations should be conducted under regulated circumstances rather than between individuals,” affirmed AIMI Chairman Nia Umar.

Nia highlights that this incident underscores the urgency of instituting regulations pertaining to breastfeeding donors within the community.

In contrast to many other nations, Indonesia currently lacks an ASI bank (breast milk bank), and most donations occur on an individual basis.

Nia further recommends that mothers interested in donating breast milk should do so through hospital channels.

Several major Indonesian cities have established hospitals that accept breast milk donations, particularly for premature infants.

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