EU readies TikTok, YouTube probes over videos seen by children

Brussels to probe TikTok and YouTube under the DSA for child protection. DSA mandates content regulation and prevention of illegal content. Prior probes into TikTok, X, and Meta. Emphasis on child safety.

DSA enforces penalties and applies to major and smaller platforms.

Malaysian woman allegedly discharged from private hospital at 4 am over medical card coverage issue

A Malaysian man took to TikTok to recount his wife’s frustrating experience at a private hospital. During the examination, the husband, Farqhan, found that the 4-bed wards, corresponding to his wife’s medical card, were fully occupied.

Consequently, he had to pay an extra RM500 (around $109) for a higher-priced RM650 ward.

The video prompted conversations about medical coverage and comparisons between private hospitals and Malaysia’s public healthcare system.