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Backlash from netizens as Indonesian TikToker’s sexually suggestive video sparks controversy

An social media user on Instagram and TikTok, has come under intense scrutiny due to their controversial content, which netizens perceive as religious blasphemy.

The recent video’s indecent nature has sparked outrage, leading to the removal of the user’s Instagram account.



INDONESIA: Amidst the rapid expansion of social media, a multitude of individuals have garnered fame by meticulously crafting content across various platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

However, a social media user, driven by the quest for swift fame and aspirations of becoming a social media influencer, has recently found herself embroiled in controversy due to the sensational nature of their content.

The content, shared by the user under the name “okiinfia,” consistently becomes the focus of scrutiny among online users due to its perceived indecency and sensuality.

The TikToker’s content has ignited a backlash, stemming from its interpretation as a form of religious blasphemy.

In a clip, okiinfia was presented with an ice cream cone by an individual, an offer which they declined.

Subsequently, the individual placed the ice cream near their private area.

Rather than distancing themselves from the situation, okiinfia paused, crouched, and proceeded to consume the ice cream.

The TikTok content igniting a storm of criticism and disapproval

Okiinfia’s TikTok account boasts 135 thousand followers and 1.5 million likes.

The act in question has sparked widespread outrage among countless netizens who find it offensive and disrespectful due to its overt sexual connotations. This sentiment is magnified by the fact that the TikToker was wearing hijab in the video, a religious symbol central to their Muslim faith.

As reported by the Twitter account AREAJULID (6 Aug), netizens shared a screenshot from the TikToker’s video.

The accompanying caption read, “What are your thoughts, everyone? Frankly, I find this deeply embarrassing. Privilege often accompanies beauty. Hopefully, this incident is addressed akin to the LM case involving the consumption of pork – both actions deemed inappropriate. By the way, that’s ice cream.”


Screenshot of OF TikTok content (Photo: Twitter/AREAJULID)

The shared image contained text that stated, “Uttering ‘bismillah’ while consuming pork is blasphemous. However, if one wears a tight-fitting hijab and engages in explicit content, is that not also inappropriate?”

This tweet gained significant traction, amassing 3.7 million views and triggering a multitude of responses from netizens, most of which expressed condemnation toward the video.

User z*** remarked, “The tweet is genuinely repulsive.”

User p*** commented, “Vacant is an apt description of their mind. Their actions defy logic.”

Another user voiced their perspective, “As a woman, I am deeply embarrassed. How can they lack all shame? Has she severed her sense of decency?”

One netizen offered his viewpoint, asserting, “The element of blasphemy arises from the combination of her wearing a hijab and tight clothing while consuming ice cream in a suggestive manner. If explicit content is their aim, simply discarding the hijab would likely not provoke as much ire.”

User g**** shared their stance, “It’s perplexing to witness individuals who engage in NSFW content while continuing to don the hijab.”

Even an individual identified as RF, an actor, chimed in.

He expressed his profound anger over the content and contemplated reporting the incident for potential legal consequences.

“I’ve spent hours pondering the blasphemy committed by a TikTok celebrity. Where can I report this to ensure they face the consequences? Frankly, I’m infuriated.”


In light of this controversy,okiinfia’s Instagram account has disappeared since Monday (7 Aug), and the TikTok video received backlash has been removed.

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