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President Halimah Yacob delivers her last National Day message, urging unity and resilience

In her final National Day message, President Halimah Yacob highlighted the importance of unity, economic resilience, and future planning, reminding Singaporeans of their ability to overcome adversity. Her poignant farewell included gratitude for her six-year presidential tenure.



SINGAPORE: In her final National Day Message, Singapore President Madam Halimah Yacob emphasized the importance of unity, growth, and future planning as the nation prepares to celebrate National Day on 9 August.

“Our economic success depends on our ability to stay relevant and add value to the world,” she stated during the opening of her speech. Addressing the unprecedented challenges brought about by rapid technological changes, global political rivalry, increasing protectionism, and high inflation and interest rates, she emphasized Singapore’s commitment to remaining competitive. “We must be exceptional and never lose our edge, even as we innovate and push new frontiers.”

Highlighting the importance of equipping Singaporean workers with necessary skills to prosper in growing sectors, she further underscored that “harmony is at the core of our existence.” Singapore’s vision of a prosperous, multi-racial, and multi-religious society remains a firm foundation for its independence, she reminded her listeners.

As she addressed the nation, Madam Halimah underscored the need to maintain unity and mutual respect amid rising global trends of racism and intolerance. She emphasized the importance of rejecting prejudices and stereotypes while recognizing Singapore’s progress since the racial riots of its early years.

“We have come quite far… but can still do a lot more, both collectively and individually,” she said. To reinforce these values, the president urged Singaporeans to engage in “honest and respectful conversations” about their progress compared to other countries.

Addressing social mobility, Madam Halimah voiced her concerns over its deceleration, linking this trend to greater income and wealth inequality. She suggested education and employment reforms to help bridge these gaps, stating, “Education and work are two key pillars in addressing inequality.”

She also spoke on the Forward Singapore initiative, led by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, as a collaborative effort involving all Singaporeans in shaping the nation’s future.

“This is an open invitation and your agency is therefore important,” she affirmed, emphasizing the importance of citizen engagement. “You have a chance to have your voices heard and to make a difference.”

Reflecting on Singapore’s 58-year journey as a nation, the president urged the public to draw inspiration from their forefathers’ tenacity, conviction, and unity. She spoke of how these values would be crucial in overcoming external challenges in an increasingly complex global environment.

In a poignant conclusion to her address, Madam Halimah said, “This is my last National Day message to you. It’s been a great privilege to have served as your president for six years.” She expressed her gratitude to Singaporeans for their support in championing various causes, aimed at building a compassionate and caring society.

Concluding her message with a heartfelt wish for the nation, she said, “Happy National Day.”

Mdm Halimah, in a momentous announcement on 29 May, revealed her decision not to stand for re-election in the upcoming Presidential Election after careful deliberation.

The upcoming presidential election, which is open to candidates of all races, must be called by 13 September, with incumbent Mdm Halimah’s six-year term expiring on that day.

The last presidential election – a reserved election for Malays – was a walkover election for Mdm Halimah after the raised qualification criteria for candidates from the private sector disqualified two interested candidates.

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“I am particularly grateful to Singaporean…”

I guess … she was referring to her $1,540,000.00 x 6 years = $9,240,000.00 total salary?
In my point of view, she should get that $$$ from elsewhere, not from taxpayers hard-earned $$$
i guess … that’s why she felt grateful !!!

comment image

She served LHL. No one else. $9m for this piece of shit which removed our voting rights. Should just flush her down the toilet. Supported racism by accepting the post. Now talking about unity and racism.Good riddence.

She was the least qualified to make statements on unity, mutual respect, racism and intolerance. Or should I say even qualified to make those statements. Shameless and spineless.

Wouldn’t know where she will be posted to after ORD but one thing for sure is it will be funded by taxpayers either directly or indirectly


Why don’t ask S Iwaran and Tan Chuan-Jin to lead the pack and become Master of Ceremony on 9 Aug when NDP happen for them for the last time better right?