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Malaysian participant Vanessa Reynauld amazes judges with flawless Mandarin performance in ‘Sing! China’ contest

Hailing from Klang, 23-year-old artist Vanessa Reynauld proudly represents Malaysia in ‘Sing! China’ 2023 in Shanghai.

Her Mandarin performance “Riding the Wind” drew praise from coach Wakin Chau, and garnered acclaim from netizens, including Malaysian artists Jaclyn Victor and Suki Low.



MALAYSIA: Vanessa Reynauld, a 23-year-old artist hailing from Klang, is currently in Shanghai, China, representing Malaysia in the reality talent show, ‘Sing! China’ 2023.

Last Friday (4 Aug), Vanessa shared a short Instagram video of her captivating Mandarin performance titled “Riding the Wind,” earning applause from the well-known coach of the show, Wakin Chau.

The short video has garnered over 199, 507 views and 13, 628 likes on Instagram.

“Here’s a little snippet of my performance. Hope you guys like it!” She captioned in her Instagram.

In a video of her full performance, Vanessa captured the attention of all four tutors from the contest: Joker Xue, Wilber Pan, Henry Lau, and Wakin Chau, who eagerly vied to have her on their team.

She showcased her sweet and charming personality while interacting with the coaches, explaining the reason behind her song choice and playfully joking about her Mickey Mouse-styled hair.

Resounding applause and heartfelt praises from the online community

Vanessa’s remarkable talent was met with a chorus of accolades from netizens, including Jaclyn Victor, the inaugural victor of Malaysian Idol, and Suki Low, acclaimed champion of One In A Million‘s premiere season.

Jaclyn Victor conveyed her profound affection and steadfast encouragement to Vanessa, showering her with heartfelt wishes for an eternal journey of blessings.

Meanwhile, Suki Low’s succinct yet motivating message, “Go, go, go! You’ve got this,” added a burst of positivity to Vanessa’s journey.

Gaston Pong, a distinguished Malaysian music producer, lauded Vanessa for her exquisite and captivating performance.

Within the deluge of supportive comments and accolades, one netizen stood out by expressing profound admiration for Vanessa’s performance, commending her for delivering a stunning rendition that resonated deeply.

“your voice is so good, may you find success and become one star who that shines the best,” one user said.

Hailing from a rich Chinese-Indian heritage, Vanessa’s linguistic talents encompassed Mandarin, which she pursued until the completion of Standard Six in Malaysia’s primary education system.

Her ascendancy to fame commenced when she clinched the remarkable second position at a mere 16 years of age during the 2016 Water Cube Cup singing competition.


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