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Ganjar Pranowo advocates peaceful election as he meets rival candidates Prabowo Subianto and Anies Baswedan

Ganjar Pranowo’s chance encounters with rivals Prabowo and Anies to promote peaceful elections, inspiring unity and mutual respect in politics.

Netizens lauded this, hailing a harmonious political tone and inspiring respect in discourse.



INDONESIA: In an unexpected turn of events, Ganjar Pranowo, the potential presidential candidate from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), recently had chance encounters with his fellow presidential hopefuls, Prabowo Subianto, and Anies Baswedan.

The meetings took place at different events in Jakarta on last Saturday (29 Jul).

Firstly, Ganjar was seen meeting with Prabowo, the Chairman of the Gerindra Party, at the Pos Bloc event in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, in the afternoon.

Later that evening, he crossed paths with Anies Baswedan at the “Hari Menjadi Manusia (Day of Becoming Human)” event in Kuningan, South Jakarta. The meetings were unplanned but were marked by warm greetings and friendly interactions between the three prominent politicians.

The momentous encounters were captured and shared on Ganjar Pranowo’s Instagram account (@ganjar_pranowo) on Sunday (30 Jul).

In the caption accompanying the photos, Ganjar expressed his commitment to Indonesia and included a love emoticon, emphasizing his dedication to unity and harmony.

Netizens praised the politicians for setting a positive example

The social media post garnered significant attention from netizens, who flooded the comments section with various reactions. Many praised the politicians for setting a positive example by fostering unity and encouraging others to engage in politics with respect and courtesy.

“In essence: Let us, the people, not compete against each other. Whoever becomes President, the defeated will still have a role and position in parliament. Engage in politics with civility and uphold unity. Enjoy supporting your choice and be happy in voting,” commented user @erwinmoron_off****.

User @ikbalba**** chimed in, saying, “An exemplary statesman, always promoting peace and unity. Let’s have a peaceful 2024 election.”

User @niasolih**** wrote, “It’s heartwarming to see, Sir. Continue to encourage everyone to engage in politics peacefully and responsibly. May the next leaders be trustworthy and caring for all citizens, especially the underprivileged.”

User @adinda.pra**** added, “Impressive to see the three of them together. Pak Ganjar always strives for peaceful and calm politics. Keep moving forward, Pak Ganjar.”

Ganjar himself later explained the significance of these meetings during a video call with Democracy Advocacy Volunteers at the Aspirasi Relawan House in Central Jakarta.

He emphasized that his interactions with Prabowo and Anies were aimed at promoting peace during the upcoming elections.

Ganjar revealed that he has a good relationship with both candidates and that they greet each other warmly whenever they cross paths.

“I know all of these friends. Whenever I meet them, we always greet each other, whether it’s with Pak Prabowo or Pak Anies,” Ganjar stated.

He expressed his hope for a peaceful election process and encouraged all political actors to engage with one another in a relaxed and cordial manner. Ganjar extended this wish to his supporters, urging them not to spread hoaxes or display anger and hostility.

Instead, he hoped that they would focus on constructive debates and discussions about ideas, programs, and actions that can leave a positive legacy for the nation.

Ganjar’s belief in the power of unity and cooperation among political rivals has struck a chord with many citizens who are eager for a peaceful and respectful election season in 2024.

As the nation eagerly awaits the forthcoming elections, the unexpected encounters between Ganjar Pranowo, Prabowo Subianto, and Anies Baswedan serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining harmony and mutual respect in the realm of politics.

Whether these encounters will influence the political landscape in the future remains to be seen, but they have undeniably left a positive impression on many Indonesians.

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