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National Democratic (NasDem) Party Vice Chairman advises Anies Baswedan on Vice Presidential Candidate selection

Ahmad Ali, Vice Chairman of NasDem Party, urges Anies Baswedan, a potential presidential candidate from the Indonesia’s Coalition for Change to prioritize victory and efficient governance while selecting a vice-presidential candidate, rather than solely relying on party affiliation.

Ali warns against picking a candidate merely to meet the presidential threshold, emphasizing the importance of securing the coalition’s support as per the mandate.



INDONESIA:  In the pursuit of finding a suitable vice-presidential candidate for the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election, Ahmad Ali, the Vice Chairman of the National Democratic (NasDem) Party, has urged Anies Baswedan, a potential presidential candidate from the Coalition for Change, to carefully consider three predetermined criteria.

Ali expressed his concern that the choice for a running mate should not be solely based on party affiliation, but rather on the candidate’s ability to ensure victory and efficient governance.

Ahmad Ali, the Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NasDem)

“Someone is chosen as a vice-presidential candidate, not because of their party affiliation. Anies’ ability to run alone is not the consideration,” stated Ali on Tuesday (1 Aug).

Ali stated Anies must not pick a vice-presidential candidate solely to meet the presidential threshold for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Moreover, the chosen candidate should be capable of securing victory. Ali is concerned that if Anies selects a candidate based on party ties, the party may withdraw support if their leader is not chosen as vice president (RI-2) by the coalition.

“When we read the declaration charter of the Coalition for Change, it’s clear in point 3 that Pak Anies is given the mandate to search and select his vice-presidential candidate,” said Ahmad Ali in his written statement on Tuesday (1 Aug).”

According to Ali, the three key criteria for choosing a vice presidential candidate are as follows:

  1. Ability to Help Secure Victory: The chosen candidate must have the capacity to bridge gaps in regions where support for Anies may not be at its maximum level, thereby enhancing their chances of winning the election.
  2. Commitment to Coalition Stability: The selected candidate should not show favoritism towards any specific party within the coalition and must maintain a fair and equal approach to all.
  3. Contribution to Effective Governance: The vice-presidential candidate must be capable of supporting and facilitating efficient governance processes.

Ali emphasized that Anies must provide a scientific and systematic rationale for his selection to the coalition parties. He urged Anies to explain to the coalition the reasons behind his choice to avoid any potential backlash or disagreements among the alliance members.

Anies Baswedan, the Presidential Candidate from the Change for Unity Coalition (KPP)

“Therefore, it would be a breach of the coalition’s commitment since from the beginning, it was agreed to be equal. There is no class leader,” he added.

Ali emphasized that if the presidential candidate cannot grasp the essence of the third point in the declaration charter of the Coalition for Change, then there might be arbitrariness in choosing the vice-presidential candidate.

He also urged Anies to take the lead in consolidating the Coalition for Change. He suggested that Anies form a strong campaign team and begin engaging with the public as soon as possible. Ali underlined that unity and joint efforts among the coalition members are crucial for the success of their electoral campaign.

Currently, the name of Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), the Chairman of the Democratic Party, has emerged as a potential vice-presidential candidate alongside Anies Baswedan. The two leaders have been seen together on various occasions, indicating a strong camaraderie between them.

However, Ahmad Ali made it clear that the vice-presidential candidate selection process must be based on merit and compatibility with the coalition’s goals, rather than personal friendships or affiliations.

As the political landscape intensifies in anticipation of the 2024 Presidential Election, all eyes are on Anies Baswedan to make a decisive choice that will not only secure victory but also strengthen the unity of the Coalition for Change.

The coalition’s ability to rally behind a united front will be critical in the upcoming election as they aim to lead the nation toward a transformative future.

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