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K-Pop artist Bang Yong-Guk earns praise for including Maghrib prayer interval during Kuala Lumpur concert

K-Pop sensation Bang Yongguk captivated his Malaysian Muslim fans during his concert, setting a new standard for respect and empathy.

His thoughtful 15-minute prayer break and genuine regard for local customs earned widespread admiration and praise.



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MALAYSIA: In a remarkable display of respect and empathy, K-Pop artist Bang Yongguk has captured the hearts of his Malaysian Muslim fans.

Amidst the recent turmoil in Malaysia’s entertainment scene caused by the regrettable behavior of Matty Healy at the Good Vibes Festival (21 Jul), Bang Yongguk’s considerate actions stand in stark contrast.

South Korean rapper and singer, Bang Yongguk, showed his deep respect for Malaysian culture and customs during his “Colors of Bang Yongguk Asia Tour” concert on Thursday (20 Jul) at the prestigious Shantanand Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur.

What captured the audience’s hearts during the 7 pm to 9 pm (local time) concert was a remarkable 15-minute break specifically designated as prayer time for his Muslim fans. 


Bang Yongguk’s concert schedule and prayer room pict. (photo:

Understanding the importance of prayer for his fans, Bang Yongguk thoughtfully ensured there was a designated prayer room at the venue.

Speaking through a translator in English and Bahasa Malaysia, Bang Yongguk expressed, “In Malaysia, we do have a time for prayer for people who have to do their prayer duties.”

Fans applaud Bang Yong-Guk’s respectful gesture

His genuine concern and empathy towards his fans garnered admiration from the crowd, proving that he is not just a talented artist but also a respectful and humble human being.

Fans and non-fans alike took to social media to shower the rapper with praises.

Twitter account @msiakpopfans received an overflow of positive comments from netizens, expressing awe at Bang Yongguk’s thoughtful gesture. 

User e**** gushed, “This is so sweet, he is not obligated to do that but he still did it anyway. He had always been a gentleman since his debut. I’m so jealous for those who got to attend his fanmeet.”

The impact of Bang Yongguk’s respectful actions reached beyond his devoted fans. 

Admirer c***** admitted, “I don’t know him, but I’m impressed so much with his attitude, and the way he keeps putting his hand on his chest makes him look so humble. Keep it up.”

In the midst of contrasting attitudes among international artists, K-Pop artist, Bang Yongguk shines as a beacon of respect and understanding.

His genuine regard for Malaysian customs sets a new standard for global performers, inspiring admiration and respect from his ever-growing fanbase.

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