Singapore halts 180 million scam calls in first half of 2023; ScamShield blocks 80,000 numbers

During Parliamentary session on Wednesday, Minister of State for Home Affairs Sun Xueling unveiled that local Telcos thwarted 180 million suspected scam calls in 2023’s first half.

In response to MP’s suggestion to pre-install ScamShield on all new mobile devices, Ms Sun acknowledged that the government did consider it before, but has decided not to proceed.

Singaporean woman loses S$80K savings in old clothes recycling scam, left with a mere 24 cents

A Singaporean woman was ensnared in an online scam when she clicked on a link from a scammer posing as a recycling company.

Her bank later alerted her to an alarming S$80,000 fraudulent transfer, depleting her account to a mere 24 cents. The scammer potentially infiltrated her phone, disabling notifications and keeping her oblivious to the unauthorized transaction.

Malaysian police dismantle fraudulent investment scheme targeting Singaporeans, all 20 suspects plead guilty in court

In a raid on September 5, Malaysian police dismantled a fraudulent investment scheme in Genting Highlands, predominantly targeting Singaporeans.

Investigations show the syndicate started operating in August, using mobile dating apps to lure victims into non-existent investment schemes.

15 Malaysian suspects confessed earlier, while 5 Chinese suspects pleaded guilty in court on Monday.