Pakistan ex-PM Khan indicted in leaked documents case

Ex-PM Imran Khan could get 14 years in prison for leaking classified documents, potentially affecting his 2024 election bid. This is linked to his allegations of a US-backed plot to remove him and his conflicts with the powerful military.

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan remanded in jail over leaked documents

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan faces extended jail time over leaked documents, entangled in what he claims are politically motivated legal cases since his ousting from power.

His detention continues despite a suspension of a graft-related prison term, affecting his eligibility for upcoming elections.

Pakistan parliament dissolved, stage set for vote without ex-PM Khan

Pakistan’s president dissolved parliament, paving the way for a caretaker government and sidelining Imran Khan. Turmoil follows Khan’s removal from power, his imprisonment, and economic struggles. Elections are imminent amidst political, economic, and security crises. Military influence looms, while unity and stability remain elusive.

Jailed Pakistan former prime minister Imran Khan ‘in good spirits’

Imran Khan, former Pakistan PM, remains upbeat in jail despite graft conviction barring him from upcoming elections. His diminished influence was noted following protests and a crackdown on supporters.

Khan’s legal team seeks bail and improved conditions, while concerns over election delays arise.