Indonesia launches first carbon exchange

Indonesia inaugurates its inaugural carbon exchange, a step toward carbon neutrality by 2050, aiming to counter its significant carbon emissions and align with climate targets.

Xi’s G20 no-show hints at China’s shifting diplomatic priorities

President Xi Jinping’s unexplained absence from the G20 summit highlights strained global relations and increased secrecy in China’s leadership. Potential factors include tensions with India and Xi’s focus on bolstering ties with emerging economies like BRICS.

There are also speculations about Xi’s health and a desire to avoid difficult questions regarding issues such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

G20 per capita coal emissions growing: research

G20 per capita coal emissions rose 9% from 2015 to 2022, with some countries reducing while others, including India and Indonesia, increased emissions. The need for comprehensive coal phaseout plans and a significant boost in renewables is evident.