El Nino phenomenon sparks concerns of drought and food crisis in Indonesia

As El Nino’s climate effect tightens its grip, Indonesia faces an escalating crisis. Reduced rainfall endangers communities, primarily hitting rainfed rice farmers.

The Indonesian meteorological agency, BMKG, forecasts El Nino’s persistence until year-end, peaking between August and October 2023.

El Nino phenomenon expected to bring drought and challenges to Indonesia until year-end

Indonesia braces for persisting El Nino effects till year-end, with a warning from BMKG about serious risks including drought, forest fires, and reduced groundwater.

Meanwhile, measures for food security are underway, with the Ministry of Agriculture coordinating strategies to maintain crop production amid this extreme weather challenge

Extreme cold weather causes famine and deaths in Central Papua

Extreme cold weather in Agandugume and Lambewi Districts of Indonesia’s Central Papua triggers a humanitarian crisis with around 7,500 residents facing famine due to crop failure and disrupted food supplies. Tragically, six individuals, including an infant, have lost their lives due to these severe conditions.